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Location: North of the city of Qeynos

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Adjacent Zones: North Qeynos, Blackburrow, Western Plains of Karana, Surefall Glade
Level of Monsters: 2-10
Types of Monsters: Large Rats, Giant Rats, Giant Field Rats, Snakes, Large Snakes, Bats, Large Bats, Giant Bats, Fire Beetles, Decaying Skeletons, Skeletons, Putrid Skeletons, Dread Corpses, Grey Wolves, Rabid Wolves, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Gnoll Pups, Gnoll Scouts, Gnoll Watchers, Gnoll Hunters, Gnolls, Rabid Grizzlies, Will O' Wisps, Bandit Runners, (Loathsome Individuals)
Notable NPC's: Baobob Miller, Chandra Miller, Defiled Grizzly, Gnasher, Cros Treewind, Holly Windstalker, Scruffy, Tovax Vmar, Pyzjin, Varsoon the Undying (Necromancer and Undead forms)
Unique Items: Cros Treewind's Staff, Fishbone Earring, Glowing Black Stone, Gnoll Slayer
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Qeynos Hills is an area one step above the newbie area of North Qeynos, and provides good hunting for the levels above, although it can be heavily trafficked at times with monks looking to get their putrid bones and others looking for pelts. It is a small and easy zone to get around once you get your bearings, and is the hub of activity on the western coast of Antonica.


The danger with this zone, as with other zones, is that there are aggressive monsters wandering around that you don't want to get into a tangle with at too low a level. For instance, skeletons and grizzly bears, as well as rabid wolves are very deadly to many, and probably result in most of the deaths of people in this area.

Another danger are the two ranger NPC's wandering the zone. I haven't found a use for them, but can't count the number of times I've cursed them for killing me when I was attacked by a rabid wolf. You see, they take it upon themselves to keep "poachers" out of the area, which includes any character fighting either a wolf or bear, regardless of who started the fight. Keep your eyes peeled for these if you run into problems with either of those two monsters, and consider carefully the benefits of hunting wolves in this area, because they are harder to avoid than bears and will attack you constantly, and the two rangers don't care who picked on who, they'll kill you.

Gnasher also wanders through the zone randomly, usually around the entrance to Blackburrow. He has never attacked me personally, and he doesn't move too quickly, but if you hear the cry "Gnasher by BB" be sure to /con the gnoll you are attacking to make sure it isn't him. The people hiding at the zone edge to BB aren't going to be grateful if you run Gnasher to them and zone to escape him.

There is also two necromancers who wander the area with their pets, Pyzjin, a female gnome, and Tovax, a male human. These two are aggressive and tough, and like all NPC's fight at stronger then they /con to you.

The three camps of loathsome individuals are also dangerous places to wander past. These individuals are very aggressive with large aggro ranges, and come in groups. They can also be quite high level, and are known for becoming more powerful as they are killed off. They have recently left the area, but may return at any time.

Last but not least, putrid skeletons and dread corpses sometimes make appearances in the form of trains heading to Surefall Glade. I myself had quite an impressive one with at least four putrids and two dreads when I was helping my monk friend get the bones (which he never did get). Listen to /shout's and keep your eyes peeled.


There is a wide range of monsters of low levels to fight in this area, and it offers a good area to fight some 2nd level monsters that is away from the big city hustle and bustle of North Qeynos. Included in the mix are fire beetles, whose eyes are a boon to all who can't see at night, and will sell for a pretty penny on faraway places like Faydwer (Rangers and Druids need the eyes as a spell component for one of their earliest spells).

This is a good area to get both small and large pelts for making patchwork leather armor (i.e. wolf and bear pelts). The only problem is that there aren't many people around this area who use small patchwork armor, so killing wolves in order to make it means you'll be selling it back to merchants for not much profit and manage to irritate the local rangers at the same time.

The zone is also relatively small, making it good for fleeing to zone edges to escape pursuing monsters.

Travelling To and From Qeynos Hills

From the North, Qeynos Hill is reached through Blackburrow, home of the Blackburrow Gnolls. This can be a dangerous place, and probably shouldn't be travelled by those less than about 4th or 5th level, you can still fly through as long as you keep your eyes peeled for trouble. On the other side is Everfrost and the barbarian home of Halas. Also to the North is Surefall Glade, home of the rangers and druids of the area. The area in front of Surefall Glade is a good newbie area, and generally less crowded than the one next to Qeynos.

From the South, Qeynos Hills is entered by coming out of North Qeynos, a city of humans and half-elves.

From the East, access is through the Western Plains of Karana, a higher level zone for people greater than 4th level. The lands beyond are even more dangerous, so don't think you can sneak through unless you're like me, a Bard on the wings of my drum.

Updated: Aug 16th, 2020