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Location: On the middle of the western coast of Norrath, west of the Plains of Karana.

North Qeynos

South Qeynos

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Adjacent Zones: Erud's Crossing, Qeynos Catacombs, Qeynos Hills
Races: Human, Half-elf
Guilds: Bard, Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Warrior, Wizard
Religious Facilities: The Temple of Life, House of Thunder
Artisan Facilities: Brewery, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel
Level of Monsters: 1-5
Types of Monsters: Decayed Skeleton, Gnoll Pup, Large Rat, Brown Myotis Bat, Whiskered Bat, Gopher Snake, Grass Snake, Fire Beetle, Klicnik Worker, Queen Klicnik, Fippy Darkpaw

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Text last updated: 06/18/02
Map last updated: 12/23/01


Qeynos is one of the largest cities in all of Norrath, and one of the two large coastal cities run by the humans. The docks of the city provide trade from Qeynos to the high human city of Erudin, as well as to other areas along the coast. The Guards of Qeynos command posts throughout the surrounding terrain, providing protection to travellers as far away the the Plains of Karana. Most of the major guilds are present in this town, and it is the home of the Clanhouse of the Silent Fist. There is a seamy underbelly to this city, like other port cities, and rumors of corruption and smuggling as well as unsavory street dwellers are a part of everyday life here. There are many (some say too many) drinking establishments within the high walls of the city.

Surrounding Areas

The Gates of Qeynos are a bustle of activity. Many young explorers practice their weapon skills on the sewer creatures that inhabit the area, as well as on the Klikniks, which have an as yet undiscovered hive near the city of Qeynos. More dangerous creatures are fended off by the city guard, and the gnolls from nearby Blackburrow occasionally make assaults on the gates.

Further from the gates are the Hills of Qeynos, an area jointly patrolled by Guards of Qeynos and the rangers and druids of Surefall Glade. These hills are more dangerous to the traveller, and wild animals roam freely. Haunted ruins dot the landscape, and the hideous entrance to the dark hole of Blackburrow juts out of the cliff face here.

Travelling To and From Qeynos

Qeynos is a major hub of travel on the western coast of Norrath. It is the only major port which receives regular traffic from Erudin, our human brothers to the west. A great deal of mystical knowledge is gained through this alliance. We are separated from our barbarian brothers in the northlands by the savage gnolls of Blackburrow, but many of them battle their way through to see the lands south of their home. We maintain a strong alliance with the rangers and druids of Surefall Glade, though they prefer to stay clear of our streets and buildings.

To the east, however, lies vast uncharted territory. The human city of Freeport might as well lie on the sun as on our very continent, for no traveller has managed to create an ocean route to that port, and overland travel either takes the traveller through the savage swamps of the ogres and trolls or through the Plains of Karana and lands further to the east, which are populated by bandits and giants, as well as other creatures that defy description. Our City Guard maintains posts in the Plains of Karana, but they are scattered and only extend into the western edge of this vast area.

Local Color


There are four main pubs in town, Lion's Mane Tavern, Mermaid's Lure, Fish's Ale, and Crow's Pub and Casino. This list is roughly in order of decreasing politeness of the inhabitants. The Lion's Mane is an average quality pub, serving drinks in an amiable atmosphere, relatively close to the docks. Mermaid's Lure is directly on the docks, sports an aquatic decor (including odor) and the crowd that goes along with it. Fish's Ale is near the docks, and draws a clientele similar to Crow's, but is better kept. Crow's, despite being next to the sanctity of the Silent Fist Clan and their reflecting pool, sports the most unsavory of crowds. None of them would even speak to me other than to call me scum the last time I was there. The only redeeming point about the place is that you can brew your own alcohol in the back, but I personally wouldn't, who knows if they clean that thing.

The Wind Spirit's Song is my personal place, being the home to the League of Antonican Bards, the songs and poems that drift out the door entice me to return home whenever I find myself singing to an unenlightened crowd.

The Grounds of Fate provide entertainment of the bloody sort, where warriors vie against monsters captured by the guards to the cries of fans. Truly gruesome.


There are many odd people in town, some of which you should hold onto your purse more tightly around. In fact, it's wisest to hold onto your purse until proven otherwise. One such individual who I speak with often is Merkes Tabolet, who can be found roaming the docks trading in his speciality (which happens to be everything). His goods are very handy, and he's an interesting soul, but I don't open my purse in front of him, if you get my meaning...

Also, Qeynos is the home to a number of rude individuals, people who everyone seems to either dislike or ignore. They take this personally however, and will attack those around them, and the guards don't get involved in such fights, so they are best avoided by weaker adventurers.

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