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Location: East of Qeynos

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Adjacent Zones: Qeynos Hills, Northern Plains of Karana
Level of Monsters: 4-20+
Types of Monsters: Farmers, Young Lions and Lionesses, Lions and Lionesses, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Mist Wolves, Grey Wolves, Fire Beetles, Giant Scarabs, Giant Spiders, Will-o-Wisps, Scarecrows, Werewolves, Hill Giants, Treants, Ogre Guards, Priestesses, and Shamans, Bandits, Brigands, Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls
Notable NPC's: Qeynos guards, Brothers Trintle, Chintle, and Estle, the Miller family, Froon and Choon, Chief Goonda, Frostbite, Gindlin Tox Fodder, Ghoul Messenger, Thracken Grifton
Unique Items: Bat Fang Headband, Bat Skull Earring, Bone Armplates, Bone Legplates, Chipped Bone Bracelet, Chipped Bone Bracer, Chipped Bone Collar, Giant Snakespine Belt, Glowing Collar, Rat Shaped Ring, Sheer Bone Mask, Turtleshell Helm, poison
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 11/29/00
Map last updated: 11/29/00


The Western Plains of Karana are on the route from Qeynos area and the west coast of Antonica to the east. There is one major path that dips to the south of the mountain region at the northern edge, connecting Qeynos Hills and the Plains to the east.

A river forms the southern boundary of the zone, and mountains the northern boundary. Both areas have people of interest. The north hides a camp of ogres and bandits in the hills. The south has a camp of entrepeneurial barbarians as well as the creeping hordes of undead that are slowly spreading over the land. And throughout it all, bandits are trying to reclaim this area as theirs.


This area can be very dangerous, although there aren't many creatures wandering around that are aggressive to you outright. It's more of an area where creatures attack you based on what you've done to them, the only exceptions being hill giants and grizzly bears. The other monsters, including the lions, wolves, and bears (oh my) will attack you only if you've developed a reputation for killing one or more of them, and it's hard not to in this part of Antonica, although I've heard that the lions are aggressive to just about everyone, regardless of this.

If you haven't attacked one of these monsters, you simply have to keep your eyes peeled for either the grizzly or the hill giant, and realize that if the hill giant attacks you, the two guards at a tower will likely be killed by it before they save you.

This area is also very vast, and has creatures that you see only rarely and only in selected corners of the zone. For instance, there is a treant that occasionally wanders through the zone, who doesn't attack anyone (unless you are evil or it catches you hunting bears, and then watch out). There are also bandits that will attack you on sight, and a clan of ogres with a named ogre amongst them, who con amiable but are really only happy to see you because they're bored and want to kill something new. They are part of an evil quest, and will kill most people on sight, evil or not. There are also demolished camps where powerful skeletons and zombies live, usually further south and east near the river. All of these areas are considered dangerous, but in truth most of the hunting occurs in the western half of the zone, where it is more of a "plains" atmosphere and these monsters don't hang out.


This is the only area on the western coast, other than Everfrost Peaks, for collecting cat pelts to make medium sized patchwork armor. If you are human, this is where you must come to get those pelts and make that armor. You can also find wolf and bear pelts here.

This is not an area with a great deal of wealth, as, for now, killing the large bugs doesn't get you any booty. You'll make more money killing fire beetles. Lions will make you some gold, however, as they occasionally have high quality pelts which you can sell for several gold. It is a great area, however, for hunting for days on end, as you can buy food in this area as well as sell your goods for pretty good prices. The guards don't run patrols, but they are always within a very short range from their tower and they can really save you from that train of grizzlies.

This area is also very undertravelled. There are usually no more than 20 people here in all the times that I've been on, and if you have a ranger, or are one, your hunting could be quite good since the biggest problem with hunting here is finding creatures in this vastness.

Travelling To and From Western Plains Of Karana

To the West there is only one entrance, and that is from the Qeynos Hills, and opens into the northern aspect of the western border, adjacent to a small hamlet which sells goods.

To the East there are two roads that exit from this zone, but the whole border edge can be used and is sometimes difficult to escape from if you get turned around (my personal max is zoning five times here after getting spun around). There is one road north by the mountains and another south by the river. The latter one opens close to the bridge leading to Southern Plains of Karana.

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