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Location: On the northern coast of the continent of Kunark

The Overthere

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Adjacent Zones: Frontier Mountains, Howling Stones, Skyfire Mountains, Timorous Deep, Warsliks Woods
Level of Monsters: 15-45
Types of Monsters: Sabertooth Tigers and Tigresses, Sabretooth Tigers and Tigresses, Sarnak Youth, Flunkies, Conscripts, Partisans, Knights, Enthusiasts, and Berserkers, Prickly Succulent, Bristly Succulent, Barbed Succulent, Spiked Succulent, Thorny Succulent, Succulent Cactuses, Stonepeep Cockatrice, Stoneglint Cockatrice, Stonegazer Cockatrice, Stoneleer Cockatrice, Kunark Rhino, Clay Golems, Undead Foreman, Marines, Heralds, and Workers, Dragoon, Scorpikis, Scorpikis Scrounger, Cliff Golem, Iron Sentinel
Notable NPC's: Admiral Tylix, Captain Rottgrime, General D'Veers, Impaler Tzilug, Tourmaline, Corundium, Stishovite, Tektite
Unique Items: Station Earring, Sarnak Ceremonial Dagger, Sarnak Ceremonial Sword, Sarnak Liberator, Goblin Two Handed Sword, Sarnak Staff of Glyphs, Sarnak Emblazoned Taberd, Goblin Choker (? if any of these appear anymore)
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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The Overthere is a vast area of plains that gradually evolves to reach the northern shore of the continent of Kunark. There is a vast area of ravines and chasms that have existed for centuries, infested with the evil Scorpiki, ancient protectors of the hidden temples. The evil races of Norrath have also claimed the shore of The Overthere and have established their beachhead here.


This zone is only fairly dangerous. Monsters that are weaker than you are generally non-aggressive, and as they get more powerful, or you move further south, they become much more aggressive. Sarnaks are always aggressive to everyone.

One place that bears special mention is the Overthere evil race outpost, where all Iksar and good races are KOS by some huge cliff golems and undead. Some agnostics from good races can travel in here with caution and deal with the merchants, but be sure to /con as you go. To catch the boat, swim from the outside of the eastern edge of the outpost. The dragoons from the outpost actually go on patrol around the zone during the night. This can be a problem to people that would normally be KOS to them, as you will be attacked as the dragoons make their rounds.

The other is in the chasm. The entire bottom is covered with scorpiki, the evil mixing of scorpions and iksar that have lived here for centuries beyond count. They are aggressive and powerful.


This zone is probably the best hunting area for druids of all levels. The large, open spaces are almost unique on the new continent, which is generally very crowded with poor visibility. Also, the creatures are sparsely distributed, allowing you to pull and kite to your heart's content.

Also, this zone has a wide range of levels for monsters, enabling anywhere from 15th level to 40th level and up hunting. The region closer to the zone to the Frontier Mountains is quite high level, but as you go east and then north past the Warsliks Woods entrance, the monsters become weaker and can be handled by a 20th level adventurer easily.

Travelling To and From The Overthere

The Overthere is the site of the beachhead of the evil races. This large structure is where the broken barge lands and disembarks for the Timorous Deep. The location is approximately 3000, 2000.

The Frontier Mountains can be reached through a short pass located at -6000, 1380. The area is notable for the large platform structure just north of the pass.

Warsliks Woods can be reached by a pass located high in the hills at approximately -240, -4390. The area is noticeable because of the large Iksar statue that stands in the plains straight out from this position.

The Skyfire Mountains can also be reached through the Overthere, through a large temple-looking structure located at -1100, 3900.

Howling Stones can be found by zoning to it through The Overthere. The location of the entrance is in a chasm with a large number of scorpiki. There is a glowing red sphere that is locked, and nobody seems to know where to find the key...

Updated: Aug 1st, 2023