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Location: Off the northern coast of Kunark

Howling Stones

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Adjacent Zones: The Overthere
Level of Monsters: 50+
Types of Monsters: Bile Golem, Mortiferous Golem, Pyre Golem, Crypt Golem, Crypt Guardian, Crypt Spectre, Crypt Wurm, Helot Skeleton, Helot Spectre, Helot Spirit, Bottomless Devourer, Bottomless Feaster, Pulsating Bile, Swirling Goo, Sepulcher Skeleton, Sepulcher Spectre, Skeletal Watchman, Undertaker Skeleton, Elementalbone Skeleton, Greater Plaguebone, Greater War Boned Skeleton, Hexbone Skeleton
Notable NPC's: Bile Sentinel, The Crypt Excavator, The Crypt Feaster, The Crypt Keeper, Drusella Sathir, Embalming Fluid, Golem Master, Reanimated Plaguebone, Skeletal Procurator, Skeleton Sepulcher, Spectre Spiritualist, Undead Oblation
Unique Items: Acid Etched War Sword, Blood Point, Dusty Rusted Shackles, Dusty Rusted Vambraces, Elliptical Veil, Enshrouded Veil, Fayguard Parrying Dagger, Fingerbone Hoop, Gem Inlaid Band, Glob of Gooey Goo, Golden Bracer, Gravebinder, Helot Skull Helm, Jagged Long Sword, Kylong Armor, Mask of Obtenebration, Mask of Wurms, Mucilagenous Girdle, Necklace of Superiority, Rapier of Oriin, Rod of Faith, Rod of Oblations, Rotbone Bracelet, Rotbone Sleeves, Runed Morning Star, Sacrificial Robe Clasp, Sarnak Hide Girdle, Sash of the Dragonborn, Scorpikis Claw Impaler, Sigil of the Calendar, Siren Scale Robe, Skull Engraved Coin, Stave of Shielding, Steel Hilted Flint Dagger, Stein of Tears
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/10/01
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Also known as Charasis, Howling Stones was built by the vain Venril Sathir as his own personal retreat, where he studied and perfected the arts of necromancy. The zone is now filled with the remaining, eternal minions he creates for himself and the lingering spirit of his ancient companion, Drusella Sathir.


There are many pit traps hidden throughout the dungeon, and you fall for significant damage and then are required to find your way ot the top of the dungeon again.

The faction hits for evil races and characters in this zone can be very significant. The faction is entirely on Venril Sathir faction, the same faction that exists in the Overthere outpost. Fighting here will quickly result in you becoming KOS in that outpost, which can be problematic for an evil character who is bound there to be.


This dungeon is meant to be done in a linear fashion, your forward progress controlled by the need for no rent keys to move on to further parts of the dungeon. However, rogues are able to bypass these requirements by picking any lock in the dungeon, and are highly prized here for this ability. The keys can be obtained from either monsters or found lying on the ground in various places. You must travel from North Wing, to West Wing, to South Wing, to East Wing if you are using the keys.

Travelling To and From Howling Stones

Howling Stones can be found by zoning to it through the Overthere. The location of the entrance is in a chasm with a large number of scorpions. There is a glowing red sphere that is locked, and requires a key.

There is a quest that you must perform to obtain the key to this zone, done through a named Froglok in the Swamp of No Hope. The quest requires that you obtain the Xalgozian Fang from Xalgoz in Kaesora and also the Jade Chokidai Prod from the Chancellor in the Lake of Ill Omen sarnak fortress, and take it to the froglok. Be prepared upon entering, however, as you will be set upon by mostly undead creatures.

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