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Location: The vast mountain range cuts through the western half of the continent of Kunark

Frontier Mountains

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Adjacent Zones: Burning Wood, Dreadlands, Lake of Ill Omen, The Overthere, Mines of Nurga, Temple of Droga
Level of Monsters: 25-45
Types of Monsters: Goblin Raiders, Whipcrackers, Bonecharmers, Rockchanters, Boneseekers, Dirttracers, Blightcallers, Plaguebringers, Legates, and Slavedrivers, Burynai Miners, Digmasters, Cenobites, and Rockshapers, Sarnak Knights, Partisans, Enthusiasts, Dragoons, Berzerkers, Mountain Giant Hillocks, Tumps, Craigs, and Braes, Gorging Brute, Ravenous Brute
Notable NPC's: Blugtigin, Goblin Herb Collector, Stonegrinder, Burynai Grand Cenobite, Burynai Treasure Seeker, Goblin Trail Blazer, Goblin Chieftain, Goblin Headhunter, Goblin Dustscryer, Goblinstomper, Slithinis, Dustback, Stonegrinder, Gemeye, Bloodscale the Vicious, Wandering Stonehealer, Overseer Miklik, Eboneyes, Rockwolf, Diseased Brute, Joojooga, Gromlok, Drake Tamer, Sarnak Bloodbinder, Clazxiss, Krenlek, Miner Bordakn, Sarnak Rebel, Varithyx, Eldrak Howlingbear, Goblin Iksar Slayer, Snaorf
Unique Items: Barbed Scale Whip, Belt of the Cenobite, Blood Spattered Veil, Burynai Leg Ripper, Chieftain's Headdress, Dustscryer's Crystal Ball, Dusty Breastplate, Ebon Razor, Forest Loop, Gauntlets of Brute Strength, Giant Tree Flayer, Gem Finder, Goblin Head Spear, Goblin Juntah Harvester, Goblin Soul Caller, Goblin Trail Blazer's Knife, Hammer of Flattening, Leg Chopper, Lumberjacks Cap, Medicine Totem, Mountain Giant Foreman's Tunic, Necklace of Defiance, Skullchip Bracelet, Skullhelm of Krenlek, Sleeves of the Ancients, Stone Thunder, Straw Spun Belt, Wind Etched Staff
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 03/06/01
Map last updated: 03/06/01


The Frontier Mountains are the highest and roughest set of mountians located on the continent. These harsh mountains cut across the western half of the continent, and are inhabited by a variety of powerful, large creatures, for whom the peaks are mere hills. Many of these creatures operate vast mining operations in the mountains for the minerals that lie beneath them.


The mountains are dangerous since every creature here is looking out for itself and is highly aggressive. Invisibility alone will not completely protect you, as the mountain giants are able to see you even with that magical protection. Every creature in this area will attack you on sight, and they will all join in the chase if you happen to be the prey.

There is one specific danger to hunting in the mountains. The mountains. This area is very rough, which can cause several problems. First is that it is very difficult to travel quickly through this area without the use of Levitate, for many of the drops off of some of these peaks are fatal to all due to their great height. The other problem is that they cut down significantly on visibility while hunting the area. It is often difficult to see when an aggressive monster approaches you, or when you approach it, until too late. Then, unless you have Levitate, it may be just as painful to flee the creature as it might be to fight it...


These mountains have several area within them that provide some open hunting grounds for groups to pull from, and also provide some visibility for safety. Some of the more popular ones are near the zones to Lake of Ill Omen and to the Burning Woods. This zone is also very useful because it provides a bind spot for melee types in an abandoned ruin in the southwest corner.

There is also an abundance of rare creatures and, presumably, rare items that these creatures drop. Without tracking this may not be that interesting to you around here, but with tracking a person could take up hunting rares as a full time hobby in the mountains.

Overall, this zone provides good hunting opportunities for any group able to handle the opposition.

Travelling To and From Frontier Mountains

Lake of Ill Omen can be reached at approximately -675, -4000. In the Lake, this corresponds to approximately -600, 3200.

The Burning Wood is reached through a tunnel located at -2580, 3760. Following this tunnel into the mountains leaves you at -2800, -4625 in Burning Wood.

The Overthere can be reached through a pass in the northern edge of the mountains at 4000, 1530. This eventually leaves you in the Overthere at -6000, 1580.

The Dreadlands are reached through a small tunnel located hidden in the wall of the mountain at location -3675, -3330. This places you at 2340, -3475 in the Dreadlands.

There is one surface entrance to the goblin underground that leads to Temple of Droga located at approximately 3430, 2880. The entrance to the Mines of Nurga are located through an entrance that is similar in appearance at approximately -2800, -700.

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