EQ Atlas
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Adjacent Zones: East Commonlands | North Freeport | East Freeport


Location Key
1 Merchant selling Brewing Supplies
2 Ogre selling Pickled Items
3 Freeport Militia with Warrior Guild, Forge out back
4 Merchant selling Cloth Armor
5 Magician, Enchanter, and Wizard Guild - sells Tomes, Gems, and Violet Robes
6 Warrior Guild with Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge and Freeport Forge out back
7 Arena - PvP area, Warrior Trainers in balcony
8 Smithy - Merchants selling Pottery Supplies, Pottery Wheel inside and Kiln outside
9 Hogcaller's Inn - sells Alcohol, Lady Shae inside, Brew Barrel outside
10 The Stage
11 Brownloe Bakery - sells Food Items and Bowls, Kiln and Pottery Wheel outside
12 Ashen Order - Monk Guild Hall, Merchants selling Throwing Weapons and Musical Instruments
13 Torlig's Herbs and Medicines - sells Potions, Crystals, Mistletoe
14 Empty Building - Oven inside


Location Key
1 Flooded Room
2 Toxdil, a Rogue dealing in Poison
3 Flooded Water Cistern with Drowned Citizens who drop Waterlogged Flesh, one can travel around the upper rim and avoid the water, but if you fall in you must swim northward to exit through a secret tunnel.

Updated: Aug 25th, 2020