EQ Atlas
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Adjacent Zones: West Freeport


Location Key
1 Office of Landholders with Merchants selling Food and other Goods, and Cooking Books
2 Hall of Truth - the Paladin Guild
3 Temple of Mithaniel Marr - Guilds for the Clerics and Paladins
4 Groflah's Forger with Merchants selling Ore, Weapons, Clay, Sharpening Stones, Smithing Equipment, Forge outside door
5 Marsheart's Chords - Bard Guild Hall, Merchants selling Throwing Weapons and Musical Instruments
6 Freeport City Hall
7 Coalition of Trade Folks with Merchants selling Food and other Goods
8 Guard House
9 Empty Building
10 "The Blue Building" with Merchant selling Jewelry Metals, Gems, and Books
11 Jade Tiger Den with Merchants selling Food and other Goods
12 Tassel's Tavern with Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside
13 Emporium with Merchants selling Medium Cloth items, Forge outside door
14 Empty Building
15 Bank of Freeport, Merchant selling Gems
16 Tavern with Merchant selling Food Items, Meat Pies, has Brew Barrel and Oven inside and Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside
17 Merchant selling Fletching and Bowmaking Supplies, Oven outside
18 Merchants selling Food and other Goods
19 Clothier Shop with Merchants selling Pottery Sketches and Cloth armor

Updated: Aug 25th, 2020