EQ Atlas
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Adjacent Zones West Freeport | Northern Desert of Ro


Location Key
1 Armor by Ikthar with Merchants selling Chain and Plate Armor, Armor Molds, Clay, Chain Sectionals, Shield Molds, Plate Molds, Forge outside
2 Trader's Holiday with Merchants selling Blacksmithing Molds and Books, Alcohol, Brew Barrel and Oven inside
3 Tavern with Merchant selling Racial Alcohol
4 Velith and Bardo Imported Goods with Merchants selling Racial Alcohol, Blacksmithing Books, File molds and other molds, Loom upstairs
5 Leather and Hide with Merchants selling Small and Medium Leather Armor and Patterns
6 Priest of Discord
7 Grub and Grog Tavern Merchants selling Alcohol and Food, has Brew Barrel and Oven inside
8 Freeport Inn with Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Soulbinder outside
9 Port Authority with Merchants selling Fishing Supplies
10 The Dock for boat to Ocean of Tears, Butcherblock Mountains, and the rest of Faydwer
11 Seafarer's Roost with Merchants selling Odd and Unusual Beers, Throwing Weapons and Lockpicks, Brew Barrel inside, Entrance to Stairs B in East Freeport Tunnels
12 Inn - secret entrance to the underground tunnels with Necromancer, Shadow Knight, and Rogue guilds, as well as Guildmaster for the other classes for evil races guarded by Trap Wire
13 Empty Building with Secret Entrance to Stairs A in East Freeport Tunnels, Oven outside
14 Empty Building
15 Gord's Smithy with Merchants selling Various Weapons and Bags, Forge outside
16 Chops and Hops with Merchant selling Alcohol, has Oven inside
17 Hallard's Resales with Merchants selling Various Weapons, also KOS dog named Scraps


Location Key
1 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
2 Warrior, Shadow Knight, Enchanter, Mage, and Wizard Trainers
3 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers
4 Cleric and Shadow Knight Trainers
5 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchants selling Weapons and Spells
6 Cleric and Necromancer Trainers, Merchants selling Spells
7 Necromancer Trainer, Merchants selling Necromancer Equipment and Spells
8 Shadow Knight Trainer, Merchant selling Weapons
9 Rogue Trainers
10 Dark Elf Rogue Trainer
11 Rogue Trainers
12 Rogue Guild Master and Trainers
A Stairs up to Hidden Entrance to Building #13 in East Freeport
B Door to Building #11 in East Freeport

Updated: Aug 25th, 2020