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Location: Northeast of the city of Cabilis in the heart of Kunark

Field of Bone

Field Sub Maps

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Adjacent Zones: East Cabilis, Warsliks Wood, Swamp of No Hope, Emerald Jungle, Kurn's Tower, Kaesora
Level of Monsters: 1-20+
Types of Monsters: Decaying Skeleton, Skeleton, Militia Skeleton, Scalebone Skeleton, Greater Scalebone Skeleton, Greater Skeleton, Lesser Icebone Skeleton, Lesser Charbone Skeleton, Scorpion, Large Scorpion, Giant Scorpion, Heartsting Scorpion, Large Heartsting Scorpions, Iksar Footpad, Iksar Bandit, Iksar Manslayer, Iksar Brigand, Iksar Dakoit, Scaled Wolf Pup, Scaled Wolf Cub, Scaled Wolf, Scaled Wolf Hunter, Scaled Wolf Stalker, Scaled Wolf Tracker, Carrion Beetle Hatchling, Carrion Shredder, Bonecrawler Hatchling, Bonecrawler, Bonebinder Hatchling, Bonebinder, Emerald Scarab, Emerald Fencer, Burynai Excavator, Burynai Burrower, Burynai Cutter, Burynai Sapper, Bandits, Servant of Sythrax, Sythrax Guardian, Skeletal Jester
Notable NPC's: Carrion Queen, Targishin, Tangrin, Jairnel Mafury, Burynaibane Spider, Kerosh Blackhand, Gharg Oberbord, Scourgetail Scorpion
Unique Items: Bandit Masks, Marauder Snout Rings, Carrion Beetle Leggings, Carrion Queen Liver, Burynaibane Spider Fang, Burynaibane Charm, Scaled Prowler Cloak, Scaled Prowler Belt, A Scorpion Telson, Polished Stone Anklet, Scourgetail Bracer
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 03/07/01
Map last updated: 08/22/01


The Field of Bone is the original site of a vast reservoir for the city of Cabilis and the nearby structures. Long ago, however, great battles occurred in the field and the magical energies unleashed there forever charred the surface of the earth. Since then, only the banished and the dead roam these fields.


The Field of Bone consists mostly of a large desert like area, roamed by various insect species, scorpions, scale wolves, outcast Iksar, and the risen dead. Of these, only the Iksar and the undead are aggressive. Since this area is where new Iksar mostly come to hunt, they need to be aware that, occasionally, powerful skeletons, such as militia and scalebone skeletons, as well as Iksar bandits and manslayers, will wander through the area frequented by these young broodlings. Make sure that that decaying skeleton you're running up to attack is really what you think it is, and all Iksar are not the Crusaders there to save you. Other dangers in this area are that certain monsters will group with each other when one of their kind is in a fight. Scale wolves are notorious for their packlike behavior. Also, most of the insects in this area have a hive mentality and will come to the aid of their own kind as well. This is actually more dangerous, as these insects can be almost as powerful as militia skeletons, and are crawling all over the area.

There are a few more areas to note the dangers in. South of the old reservoir lies an area that is hunted by seasoned broodlings looking for large and giant scorpions. This area is a small area lying between the reservoir and the ancient ruins of Kaesora. Although the scorpions will not group and are easily handled, there are many aggressive and powerful Iksar and skeletons that also roam through this area, and are often more powerful than the scorpions and other creatures. Again, watch what's going on around you, the Field of Bone is aptly named as its the color of bone, and skeletons are hard to see until you're almost on top of them.

There are two specific dangers, the first is the tangrin. Off the northern shore of the field is a small island with an ancient Iksar wall built on the southern edge of it. On this island lives the tangrin, a very aggressive and dangerous ape that will kill you before you see it coming. The second is the targishin, an aggressive skeleton of unknown significance, that stands guard over the entrance to the ruined catacombs below Kaesora.


Hunting in the Field of Bone is what most Iksar do when they're young. Scorpions and carrion hatchlings provide a good source of money with their pincers and carapaces. Scaled wolf pups are hunted for their curscale skins to make the rare curskin armor, highly sought after by the Swifttail caste. Further out are some areas where you are able to hunt with a relatively good view of what's around you, giving you more safety. One particular area is the reservoir. Creatures tend to stay in the center of the reservoir and never travel to the edge, and likewise creatures from outside never travel into the reservoir itself. What this means is that you can set up camp in one of the access ramps to the reservoir and pull monsters from the middle with a high degree of control and safety. The reservoir levels also range from about fifth to about 14th, making for a good range of hunting just in the reservoir.

The surface ruins of the buried Kaesora is a place where you can be bound, which is very convenient for anyone hunting in either Kurn's or Kaesora.

Travelling To and From The Field Of Bone

East Cabilis opens into the southwestern corner of the field, and since most castes of Iksar have their guilds in East Cabilis, this provides easy access to the field. Also, unbound Iksar will respawn in the field, so many people travel through here. In the northwest edge, not far from Cabilis, you can enter Warsliks Wood. In the south you can enter the Swamp of No Hope, and just north of that, behind the ruins of Kaesora, the entrance to the Emerald Jungle lies. Kurn's Tower lies silent in the middle of the Field.

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