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Location: To the southeast of the city of Cabilis, in the heart of Kunark

Swamp of No Hope

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Adjacent Zones: East Cabilis, Field of Bone, Firiona Vie, Trakanon's Teeth
Level of Monsters: 1-25+
Types of Monsters: Decaying Skeleton, Skeleton, Scalebone Skeleton, Lesser Charbone Skeleton, Lesser Icebone Skeleton, Icebone Skeleton, War Boned Skeleton, Frogloks of all Types, including: Tad, Skipper, Escort, Bounder, Fisher, Berserker, Raider, Ton Shaman, Tuk Warrior, Tuk Knight, Tuk Warder, Gaz Warrior, Gaz Knight, Gaz Shaman, Vis Shaman, Shin Shaman, Mosquito, Large Mosquito, Giant Mosquito, Scourgewing Mosquito, Bloodvein Mosquito, Large Bloodvein Mosquito, Giant Bloodvein Mosquito, Swamp Leech, Giant Swamp Leech, Marsh Leech, Morass Leech, Giant Morass Leech, Mire Leech, Giant Mire Leech, Venomous Lamprey, Iksar Footpad, Iksar Brigand, Iksar Manslayer, Iksar Marauder, Iksar Exile, Iksar Pariah, Heartblood Plant, Man Eating Shrub, Man Eating Fern, Man Eating Creeper, Man Eating Plant, Man Eating Vine, Insatiable Nibbler, Insatiable Gnawer, Insatiable Devourer, Black Avengers
Notable NPC's: Bloodgorge, Escaped Frogloks, Deadeye, Dreesix Ghoultongue, Dugroz, Fakraa the Forsaken, Fangor, Frayk, Froglok Repairer, Froszik the Impaler, Grik the Exile, Grimewurm, Grizshnok, Soblohg, Two Tails, Ulump Pujluk, Venomwing, Vissisx, Woggir, Umpill
Unique Items: Busted Froglok Shackles, Piece of Medallion
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 12/22/02
Map last updated: 04/24/00


The Swamp of No Hope is a vast marsh, extending from the southeast corner of Cabilis far to the east. After the fall of the Iksar empire, the frogloks, ancient enemies of the Iksar, retook the swamp and made it their home, building a massive town deep within the swamp and near to the spring that feeds it all. From there they, to this day, retain control over the swamp, despite frequent conflicts with the Iksar of Cabilis, who occasionally take them as slaves.


Overall, the swamp is not very dangerous to travel through if you are careful and keep your eyes open. The only aggressive creatures are banished Iksar and skeletons, both of which stick out like a sore thumb in the green swamp, and the frogloks, which you can usually hear coming from quite a ways away. The problem comes when traveling through the swamp quickly, where it is easy to come over the crest of a hill or through the dense underbrush and run directly into one of these creatures. This is especially dangerous anywhere outside of the safer area near Cabilis, as many of the frogloks and banished Iksar are at least in their teens in levels.

That being said, fighting in the swamp is actually quite dangerous. There are a lot of wandering monsters, especially in the area near Frogtown where the frogloks are constantly wandering, but the same problem exists in all places. It is very difficult to find a place to fight monsters where others will not walk by and join in the fight, and any group hunting here has to be prepared for that.

There are several small outposts of banished Iksar and some haunted ruins scattered throughout the swamp, but the area of major importance is Frogtown, the home of the frogloks. This area has high concentrations of frogloks all living closely together. They also have roaming patrols around the area at all times. These factors make it dangerous for anything other than a well-orchestrated attack by a good group when attacking the town itself. There is only one ramp, although you can flee readily off of the platforms of the town itself. Just be sure to save some extra hit points for the fall...


This area is a vast area that at most times seems to be underpopulated, both by monsters and by adventurers seeking a fortune. However, this is mostly due to difficulties in finding out what to do in the swamp, and not for lack of something to do.

There are many isolated camps throughout the swamp that make good hunting for people of the appropriate levels. Also, it is relatively safe to hunt along the edges, and there are many creatures in the swamp, between the everpresent leeches and mosquitos and the other wandering monsters.

Frogtown itself provides a good opportunity for groups. There are many places on the platform that provide relatively safe spots to pull from, with a little bit of difficulty in getting to them. Once established, a group could pull a whole section of platform quite well, and escape off of the edge if need be to the swamp below.

Travelling To and From Swamp Of No Hope

The city of Cabilis has a small outpost in the northwestern section of the swamp, with a small area of relative safety surrounding this. Slightly to the east of this safe area is a small pass that leads to the Field of Bone. The southern edge of the swamp has many small passes into the forest near the elven fortress of Firiona Vie. To the east, the spring that feeds the swamp lies in a small tunnel that leads into the hills. The intrepid explorer could sneak past the Iksar outcasts that call this cave home and into the ancient mountains of Trakanon's Teeth, home of Sebilis itself.

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