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Location: The ruins lie buried under the Field of Bones

Kaesora Main Level

Kaesora Five Towers

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Adjacent Zones: The Field of Bones
Level of Monsters: 30-45
Experience Bonus: 18 %
Types of Monsters: Briarweb Spiders, Bristleweb Spiders, Engorged Raveners, Frenzied Spiders, Guardians of Xalgoz, Minion of Xalgoz, Raveners, Skeletal Minion, Skeletal Warder, Spectral Guardian, Strathbone Healers, Strathbone Spiders
Notable NPC's: Hungered Ravener, Failed Crypt Raider, Frenzied Strathbone, Reaver of Xalgoz, Spectral Librarian, Strathbone Runelord, Tortured Librarian, Xalgoz
Unique Items: Blade of Fiery Lamentations, Blade of Xalgoz, Cryptrobber's Knife, Dagger of Frost, Deadwood Staff, Deathwatch Sword, Dusty Ransacker's Pack, Icy Blade, Kylong Hunting Knife, Kylong War Dagger, Kunzar Mantle, Luminary Two Handed Sword, Mask of the Eight Eyes, Ravener Tail Whip, Rod of Battle, Sage's Battle Staff, Shield of Spectral Essence, Spear of Mortification, Spectral Pestle, Spectral Shroud, Spine Piercer, Spirit Tome, Staff of the Dreaded Gaze, Strathbone Anti-Venom, Strathbone Shell Shield, Terran Ton, Tombcarver, Tombcracker Dagger, Truesilver Mail Boots, Truesilver Mail Bracelets, Truesilver Mail Coif, Truesilver Mail Gauntlets, Truesilver Mail Pants, Truesilver Mail Shirt, Truesilver Mail Sleeves, Xalgozian Fang
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 05/27/01
Map last updated: 12/20/00


The history behind the ruins of Kaesora is lost, however most believe that the same cataclysm that struck down the wurm and permanently scoured the surface of the Field of Bone above it laid waste to Kaesora as well. Now only the dead walk these halls. Ancient ruins lie at the heart of this place, presumably the remnants of the structures that were built by the vampiric Warlord Chosooth.


Probably the most prominent danger in the dungeon is the fact that it is very confusing. From the entrance, there are two entrances out of the main room, both pits leading downward. One of the pits leads down one level, and the other pit, if taken far enough, leads to the bottom of the dungeon. The one-way nature of the dungeon is dangerous, because leaving the dungeon is a long path out past many monsters, and there's not really any way to retrace your steps. Once you fall down a beginning pit, you either better know your way or have a way to port out.

There are two separate groups of inhabitants in this dungeon, the spiders and the undead. The spiders consist of a mixture of necromancers and healers as well as warrior types, and are all aggressive to outsiders. Some will see through regular invisibility, and they can root if they need to, which is very dangerous if you wish to flee this area quickly. The undead are typical undead, although in general they tend to stay pretty spread out throughout the areas that they inhabit. They are also occasionally seen intermingled with some of the spiders.


Kaesora is considered a "doable" dungeon, which means that a group of the appropriate levels that is well-balanced can go through most parts of the dungeon, getting experience and items along the way, with relative ease. A group in the mid to high 30's in level could do most of the dungeon. This is enhanced by the fact that virtually all of the loot from Kaesora does not come off of static spawns, but drops off of every monster in the zone. Anything from spiders to undead will drop virtually all of the items that don't come off of a static spawn.

The loot is also quite good, and within several hours of time a typical group would generally gather half a dozen or more items from the creatures within, all of which are generally pretty rare to find on the market, and so tend to sell well. For example, Truesilver is a pretty uncommon item to see up for sale, however the Truesilver Mail Shirt is about as good as most of the class-specific armor breastplates, and can drop off of anything in the zone.

The dungeon is also not a very busy one, placed deep within the continent. Most are fighting in the church for the key to Howling Stones, when they are here. That means that doing the dungeon becomes something that is really an option for any group wanting to do so. The ruins outside of Kaesora is also a bindable spot, making it even better to hunt in.

In addition, the monsters are generally pretty well spread out. Although the dungeon consists of a series of twisting corridors and rooms, it isn't crawling with creatures. This means, in general, that a group can pretty safely hunt here and expect to be able to rest and recuperate without constantly being attacked by monsters. This holds true all the way down to the bottom of the dungeon. This scarcity combined with only occasional wanderers, and a group can feel free to take a rest just about anywhere.

Travelling To and From Kaesora

Kaesora can be reached by entering the ruins in Field of Bone and travelling down through an opening into Kaesora itself. The opening lies just above the ground in the ruins to the south of the Pit. The location is approximately -1900, -275.

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