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Location: In the farthest southeastern corner of the continent Kunark

Emerald Jungle

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Adjacent Zones: City of Mist, Field of Bone, Trakanon's Teeth
Level of Monsters: 30-45
Types of Monsters: Erollisi Mantraps, Erollisi Bloodthorn, Frenzied Leeches, Giant Leeches, Giant Frenzied Leeches, Raging Tiger, Raging Gorilla, Tatterback Ape, Tottering Gorilla, Great Spurbone Skeleton, Plaguedbone Skeleton, Soulsipper, Trakaraptor
Notable NPC's: Engorged Soulsipper, Severilous, Totem Fiendling
Unique Items: Runewood Great Staff
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 08/13/00
Map last updated: 06/03/01


The Emerald Jungle is a vast, beautiful, and dangerous jungle. It is separated from the rest of the continent by a large cliff where it is sunken into the earth. An ancient city, its name long lost, lies hidden in the twisted trees.


The jungle is a vast, open area in which to hunt. The only thing truly dangerous in the zone is the large number of aggressive monsters that walk around the zone. Virtually every monster in this zone will attack anyone on sight, and most can see through invisibility to better do so. Given that the jungle is typically pretty dark and has a large amount of foliage and ruins, this makes seeing these creatures before they jump you even more difficult. Of special note is that there is a dragon named Severilous that wanders the lower level of this zone, and given the limited amount of visibility, should be something people scan for on tracking if they have it at all times.

The only danger associated with the geography of the zone is the huge cliff that runs across the western half of the zone. This divides the zone very roughly into areas of weaker monsters (on top of the cliff) and tougher monsters down below, although there is a lot of overlap. Do not think this is a hill! If you run off of it, you more than likely will die painfully. There is really only two safe ways down, either by levitating or my taking the Grand Staircase near the northern end of the cliff. It also should be noted that the zone exits are quite a ways away from where you might be fighting, and one is on top of the cliff. Combining this with how easily you can get turned around in the zone, and you could run into problems.


The jungle is a fairly open and very underhunted zone. Most people are here either on their way to or from the City of Mist that lies within it. The zone, however, is a relatively safe area to hunt with a wide range of monsters. It is possible (although risky) to kite monsters here, since in most areas away from the larger groups or ruins the monsters tend to be scarce. There is also ample areas to pull monsters to the edge of the cliffs if that's more to your liking.

There are also a few areas with static spawns, and these are the iksar outcast camps, which are filled with, you guessed it, iksar outcasts of various sorts. Two of the three of these are along the walls of the jungle, and the iksars within are some of the lower level monsters in the zone, good for a group in the mid-30's.

Sadly, with all of this open space and opportunity for good hunting, there are very few if any rare spawns and little in the way of rare equipment here. Come here looking for experience, not goods, and you won't be upset.

Travelling To and From Emerald Jungle

Emerald Jungle can be reached through the Field of Bone at location -1750, -1250. This places you in the Emerald Jungle at approximately -1820, 5330. From there you quickly reach a cliff face into the jungle below.

The City of Mist lies buried in the jungle, located at approximately 300, -1960.

There is also a connection to Trakanon's Teeth, located at -3425, 1570.

The Wizard spell Markar's Relocation teleports the group to -1250, 3500.

The Druid spell Wind of the South teleports the group to -3100, 3500.

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