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Location: Large forest that dominates the island of Odus

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Adjacent Zones: Kerra Isle, Erudin, Paineel
Level of Monsters: 1-10
Types of Monsters: Snakes of all types, Spiderlings, Fire Beetles, Decaying Skeletons, Kobold Runts, Kobold Scouts, Kobold Watchers, Kobold Sentries, Kobold Shamans, Skeletons, Piranha, Giant Pirhana, Poachers, Elementals, Fading Spectre
Notable NPC's: Rungupp, Elial Brook and pet, Talrigar Eklorin with pet, Paladin NPC
Unique Items: unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 08/12/02
Map last updated: 07/04/00


Toxxulia Forest is a dark, quiet forest that encompasses much of the island continent of Odus. It is separated into two areas by a river running roughly east to west through it, the northern half more habited and the southern half controlled by the kobolds and the necromancers.


This island is the newbie area for the Erudites, and much of the northern half of the zone consists of creatures second level or less running around. The southern half is a little more dangerous, with the most dangerous being the fact that it's easy to get lost here and aggressive skeletons and kobolds roam the zone. It is considered unwise to venture below the bridge unless you are at least 4th level or higher.

There is one NPC that is a major pain, named Rungupp. He is on my short list for NPC's that I plan on travelling across several continents specifically to kill again, and is one of the most unbalanced NPC's around. Basically, my 11th level ranger hunted him down to try and take him out, and he /con'ed green to me. My first attempt I had to run for my life, and luckily could outrun him handily to Erudin. I learned two things from this, however, and that's that Rungupp will cross the bridge, and also that the guards of Erudin apparently like Rungupp and do not attack him. My second attempt involved joining some friends to take him out at the gate, since they felt that his ability to blind me continually (and never run out of mana) might be hurting my chances. So our larger group of my ranger, a cleric, and a wizard, all of whom /con'ed him as green tried to take him. Basically what happened was we ran into a complete standoff, where none of us were able to take him down (he heals as fast as he damages you), and then when we were close he fled, apparently regenerating at a phenomenal rate, and eventually just popped out of the zone (my theory is that he gated home to Innothule). In other words, Rungupp is a major pain, and a group of 11th level characters couldn't take him.


This is generally a pretty quiet and safe zone. There are not so many creatures in the newbie area that you can get killed easily by wandering monsters. On the other side of the bridge, although there are dangers, it is generally pretty safe. The water acts as sort of a barrier for monsters in the zone, in that the tougher monsters generally appear south of the water, but this isn't always the case, and it's important to stay on your toes north of the bridge.

The other benefit is the kobolds in the camps. They are generally pretty safe to camp out and there are rarely anyone else by them. A mage with a 4th level pet could take one on if they were careful, or a two person group, and they provide good mid-range exp. The only thing is that you have to watch for wandering skeletons that will attack you and make you run for the bridge.

Travelling To and From Toxxulia Forest

At the northern edge of the zone lies the entrance to the city of Erudin, home of the followers of Erud. Passing underneath the "patio" will take you to the city beyond. Within lies the docks from which you can reach the ferry to Erud's Crossing and Qeynos.

Swimming west across the water, straight out from the dock on the west coast, will take you to the shores of Kerra Island, which is the home of the Kerrans. The channel is only guarded by the occasional pirhana.

To the south lies another "patio" that leads to the Heretic city of Paineel....

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