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Location: Hidden in the hills on the southern edge of Odus

Paineel Main City

Paineel Newbie Zone

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Adjacent Zones: The Hole, Toxxulia Forest, The Warrens
Races: Erudite
Guilds: Clerics, Necromancers, Shadow Knights
Religious Facilities: Tabernacle of Terror (Cazic-Thule)
Artisan Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forge, Kiln and Pottery Wheel, Oven
Types of Monsters: Moss Snakes, Thistle Snakes, Black Bats, Decaying Skeletons, Pack Rats, Undead Rats, Fire Beetles, Kobold Runts

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Paineel is the secret city of the Erudites who did not agree with Erud's vision, and have fled the council and established a city on the remains of an ancient city of Painell, taking its name for their own.

Surrounding Areas

Toxxulia Forest lies just outside the doors of the city, and across the darkness of the woods lies Erudin, home of the members of the Council. Old Paineel itself lies beneath the city, and many who enter its remains never return.

Travelling To and From Paineel

Paineel's entrance lies in the southern edge of Toxxulia Forest. To get to the main continent of Antonica, one must pass through the city of Erudin, a prospect that is dangerous to many of the inhabitants of Paineel, since they are actively hunted by the citizens of Erud.

Local Color


The city has an interesting design, with separate areas connected by portals that instantaneously teleport anyone between them. Other areas of interest are the Pit and the nearby Observatory. It is unclear what purpose this observatory might have once served where it is.


The citizens walk casually among the many skeletons that they have animated to protect the city from without and within. Although ever hunted, the inhabitants are comfortable in their city of the dead.

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