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Location: Small island off the western coast of Odus

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Adjacent Zones: Toxxulia Forest
Level of Monsters: 15-35
Experience Bonus: 20 %
Types of Monsters: All types of Kerrans, including: Catfisher, Ghulam, Mamluk, `Amir, Tseq, Awrat, Ispusar, Pasdar, Ghazi and Ghazi Shaman, Ademzada and Ademzada Shaman, Puzhal, Ahmad Shaman, Amira Guardian, Mujah, and Mujahed; Wharf Rats, Kerra Lions, Kerra Pumas, Tigers, Kerran Gorilla and Kerran Gorilla Shaman, Gorilla Guard, Gorilla Protector, Kobold Prisoners
Notable NPC's: Khonza Mitty of Kerra, Lord Gonga, Sharptooth, Jojo, Sha'rr, Roary Fishpouncer, Thalith Mamluk, Maugarim, Kerran Missal, Donla Starfire, Kerran Mirrah
Unique Items: Cat o' Nine Tails, Fishbone Necklace, Gorilla Hide Leggings, Hamed's Ring of Tears, Rough Leather Pack, Sejah Ghulam Bracer, Bone Talisman, Mystical Claws of Jojo, Hexed Kerran Doll, Kerran Head Band, Shazda Turbin, Tiger Hide Gloves, Quest items
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 05/27/01
Map last updated: 04/12/00


Kerra Island is a small island that lies just off the west coast of Odus. This island's main inhabitants are the Kerrans, a race of catlike people who are peaceful until you make enemies of them. The island in Erud's Crossing is often mistakingly referred to as Kerra Island, but it is not.


** Note that the following description has not yet been updated since the recent patch. The zone levels listed above are more accurate. **

This island's main danger is the Kerrans, who, as mentioned above, will generally leave you alone until you start killing their kindred. Then this place becomes rather scary.

At lower levels, the front of the zone is much like the front of Crushbone, lower level spawns that are generally separate from each other so that you can handle them one at a time. At higher levels (around 10th) you will definitely need to move further into the island to find Kerrans that are worth hunting, and this is dangerous. The most dangerous part of it is that the Kerrans in the open areas all roam around their area and are very close together. For instance, the area by the docks has approximately 20 Kerrans all within plain view, and (although I didn't try this myself) they are close enough together that I think hitting one would bring them all on you. The other open area is almost as bad (and higher level too).


This is another dungeon that is relatively untouched, therefore making it good hunting without much competition. This is probably in large part due to the fact that few people know or care to go there and check it out (I myself played an Erudite for most of the beta and never stepped foot on the island). It is also kind of far away for most of the characters, including Erudites, who by the time they're ready for this are bound to Qeynos. The only other problem that I can foresee with this area is that there is a large jump in difficulty from the front spawn spots to the ones further in. The tunnels provide some separate Kerrans to hunt, but the larger areas are just scary.

Travelling To and From Kerra Island

There is only one way in and out of the island, and it is through the tunnel on the east side of the bridge that spans the river. This leads to the narrow strip of water that separates Kerra Isle from Odus, a strip small enough that it can be swum with ease. Only low-level adventurers need fear the swim, as there are occasional giant pirhana that swim the waters.

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