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Location: High in the peaks of the Great Divide


Thurgadin Mines

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Adjacent Zones: The Great Divide, Icewell Keep
Races: Coldain Dwarves
Guilds: Cleric, Paladin, Rogue
Religious Facilities: Temple of Brell
Artisan Facilities: Pottery Wheel, Kiln, Forge, Brew Barrel
Level of Monsters: 30-35 (in caves), 30-45 (dwarves)
Types of Monsters: Scuttle Rat, Scuttle Bat, Crystal Spider, Lesser Tar Goo
Unique Items: Beguiler's Slippers, Bracers of Hidden Rites, Braided Beard of the Coldain, Champion's Armor, Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl, Grand Master's Headband, Rowyl's Nature Armor, Runecrafter's Armor, Runed Scouts Armor, Sage's Bracelet, Velium Round Shield

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Text last updated: 12/29/00
Map last updated: 06/03/01


Thurgadin is the home of the Coldain, the dwarves who have lived for ages on the ice continent of Velious.

Surrounding Areas

The Coldain have lived in their current place of Thurgadin for quite some time, after having to flee their old home after it was overrun by the frost giants. They settled into the Great Divide hidden away, hoping to avoid the further attention of their enemies.

Travelling To and From Thurgadin

Thurgadin can be reached by travelling through the Great Divide. There is a waterfall located at -100, -100 at the base of which is a secret door. Passing through this door will lead you to the main entrance of Thurgadin.

The home of the king of the Coldain is located in Icewell Keep, located at 220, 30.

Local Color


Thurgadin has the feel of a city that was carved like a mine, but also one that was carved by very skilled miners. The tunnels lead around in a confusing mazelike fashion, frequently bringing the visitor back to a spot she was at some time before. There are many private residences, shops and other important locations scattered around in here.

There is also an old mine that is no longer used by the Coldain. This mine is inhabited by some strong creatures, which may explain why it is no longer used.

The front and back doors of Thurgadin are protected by a bridge over a deep chasm, surrounded by slippery ice. If you manage to survive the fall, the bottom is filled with powerful, aggressive creatures, and is a very dangerous place to wind up.


The Coldain have made this their home for quite some time. Having very limited experience with outsiders, they tend to view all outsiders apprehensively, but equally, unless they prove themselves enemies or friends. They are masters of many crafts, and have skills that have been lost to the rest of Norrath.

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