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Location: Huge span of severe mountains that cuts the continent of Velious in two

The Great Divide

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Adjacent Zones: Eastern Wastes, Thurgadin, Velketor's Labyrinth
Level of Monsters: 29-45
Types of Monsters: Tizmak Warrior, Tizmak Champion, Furious Tizmak Warrior, Tizmak Shaman, Tizmak Auger, Feral Cave Kodiak, Savage Cave Kodiak, Ferocious Cave Kodiak, Frost Giant Scout, Frost Giant Berserker, Frost Giant Elite, Drakkel Dire Wolf, Expedition Guard, Velium Miner, Coldain Miner, Coldain Wolfmaster, Coldain Tracking Wolf, Tower Guard, Gnomish Deserter, Young Shardwurm, Elder Shardwurm, Ancient Shardwurm, Guardian Shardwurms, Crystalline Shardwurm
Notable NPC's: Bekerak Coldbones, Bloodmaw, Captain Stonefist, Drakkel Blood Wolf, Fergul Frostsky, Gralk Dwarfkiller, Icetooth, Korf Brokenhammer, Relik, Shardtooth, Shardwurm Broodmother, Shardwurm Matriarch, Tizmak Spiritcaller, Vores the Hunter, Yaka Razorhoof
Unique Items: Black Steel Wrap, Blood Wolf Harness, Braided Beard of the Coldain, Cured Tizmak Armor, Crystalline Eye, Drakkel Forged Sledgehammer, Drakkel Icegrinder, Drakkel Icereaver, Gauntlet's of Power, Hardened Kodiak Leather Bracer, Icetooth's Claws, Icetooth's Pelt, Kodiak Claws, Runebranded Stone Buckler, Shardwurm Eye, Shardwurm Skin, Shardwurm Stinger, Shardtooth's Flayed Skin, Spiked Steel Wrap, Tizmak Armor, Velium Etched Stone Mace, War Wolf Choker, White Scaled Armor, various 34th, 39th, and 44th level spells
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 01/10/01
Map last updated: 02/03/02


The Great Divide is a heavily mountainous area, cutting the continent of Velious into two halves, east and west. The harsh environment is home to all nature of powerful creatures.


The Great Divide is dangerous mostly because of the powerful creatures that roam the area, but also because the broken mountainous terrain hides them until the last minute. The only thing that makes this slightly less dangerous is that there are relatively few wandering monsters in the open areas of the Divide. The exceptions to this are near the shardwurm caverns and just south of them, in the northeast where there are lots of wandering wolves, frost giants, and Coldain, and in front of the Tizmak caverns, which are heavily patrolled by the Tizmak.

The other thing for good races to worry about is that the Coldain, despite being very familiar with wolves, apparently do not recognize wolf forms as something that is not dangerous and will attack you on sight if you approach the city of Thurgadin in wolf form.

The other thing an adventurer must be careful of is faction. The two separate groups of Coldain and frost giants are heavily represented here, and hunting wolves will adversely affect your faction with one side or the other, drakkel wolves with the frost giants and all others with the Coldain. Also, the Tizmak have their own faction. Although you start out indifferent to them, you rapidly become their enemy and since they control the northwestern portion of the zone, it's a dangerous thing to do.


There are several discrete areas in the Great Divide to hunt, which provides for some good hunting here. Depending on which factions you care or don't care about, you can pick out a spot and hunt there in relative safety from other wandering creatures.

There are also easy to get to and evenly spaced exits to other zones for escaping, if you need to. The Coldain will also function as guards if you need for them to against the giants and their wolves.

Travelling To and From Great Divide

The Great Divide can be reached through several fashions. The most common entrance is from the Eastern Wastes through a small pass, at loc -1850, 6660. This opens into the Great Divide at -1785, -5080.

The entrance to Thurgadin is located in a secret door behind the waterfall located at -100, -100.

The Druid Portal/Dragon Circle is located at -3860, +3200.

The Wizard Portal is located at -1910, -2710.

Velketor's Labyrinth is located at -6770, +3130.

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