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Location Key
1 Remembrance Park
2 Thurgadin Mining Company with Rogue Trainer, Merchants who sell Poison Supplies, Blacksmithing Supplies, Thieves Goods
3 Velium Ice House
4 The Velium Keg with Brew Barrel, Merchants who sell Alcohol, Brewing Supplies, Tailoring Supplies
5 Wolf Training Cave
6 Merchants selling Coldain Velium Weapons
7 Agar's Adventuring Supplies with Merchants selling Bags and Boxes
8 Doogle's Drinks with Merchants selling Alcohol
9 Argash's House of Carpentry with Merchants selling Bowyer and Fletching Supplies
10 Mordin's Meats with Merchant who sells Food and Water and other Goods
11 Underbelly Arms with Forge, Merchants selling Small Chain Armor, Small Velium Plate Armor, and Shields
12 Gem Merchants who sell Jewelry Supplies (all)
13 The Broken Glacier with Merchants who sell Brewing Supplies, Alcohol
14 Arena (PvP area)
15 Icebridge Gatehouse
16 The Scars Edge with Merchants who sell Coldain Velium Weapons and Armor Molds
17 Thurgadin Exchange with Bank, Pottery Wheel and Kiln, Merchants who sell Pottery Supplies, Tailoring Patterns, Tailoring Supplies, Baking Supplies, Cookie Cutter Molds, Alchemy Supplies
18 The Holy Harbinger with Merchants selling Alcohol
19 Merchant who sells Potions
20 Garish's Boots with Merchant who sells Boots
21 Temple of Brell with Cleric Trainer and Merchant who sells Velious Spells
22 Temple Library with Merchants who sell Cleric Spells
23 Paladin Training Hall with Trainer and Merchants selling Spells, Weapons, and other Goods
24 Coldheart Residence
25 Frostbeard's Furs & Leather with Merchants who sell Cloth and Leather Armor, some Sewing Supplies
26 Shadowfrost Residence
27 The Icy Mug with Merchants who sell Alcohol and Brewing Supplies

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