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Location: Under the Frontier Mountains

Temple of Droga, Main

Temple of Droga, Inner Sanctum

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Adjacent Zones: Mines of Nurga, Frontier Mountians
Level of Monsters: 35-45
Experience Bonus: 12 %
Types of Monsters: Goblin Whipcrackers, Firedrowsers, Slinkers, Dirtcallers, Mosstroopers, Slavedrivers, Flashdrowsers, Boneseers, Stonechanters, Blightcallers, Taskmasters, Cavehunters, Boneslavers, Deredators, Dirtscribers, Penmasters, Adepts, Stalagknights, Backbiters, Warders
Notable NPC's: Bodyguard, Chief RukGus, Goblin Canyoneer, Maddened Burynai, Soothsayer Dregzak, Stitcher
Unique Items: Blade of the Earthcaller, Book of the Rings, Bracer of Vajeen, Canyoneer Pike, Choker of Majdd, Circlet of Shadow, Drogan Obsidian Dagger, Earring of Essence, Essence of Dol, Eye of Melnor, Gauntlets of Potence, Goblin Bone Dagger, Goblin Forged Chainmail Coat, Goblin Forged Chainmail Neckguard, Goblin Forged Iron Boots, Goblin Forged Iron Mask, Goblin Parrying Spear, Goblin Slaver's Whip, Hollow Bone Shank, Idol of the Thorned, Mantle of Mirth, Mountain Death Belt, Pattern for Grakka's Tail, Sainy's Singing Blade, Shroud of Nature, Spiked Goblin Ring, Stone of Morid, Whip of Strangulation
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 05/27/01
Map last updated: 04/24/02


The Temple of Droga is a religious center for the goblins that have lived in these mountains for centuries. The Temple area is a vast underground complex connected to the Mines of Nurga.


The entrance to this dungeon from the Frontier Mountains is one of the "one way" variety. There is a false floor in the entry room where you will drop down a small distance, too far for you to jump or levitate back out of. Once there, you need to travel some distance in order to get back to the exit again. The other entrance into the zone from Mines of Nurga is also one-way, and you have to drop off of a fairly sizeable cliff to enter the Temple.

The rest of the Temple complex is notable because it is literally swarming with goblins. Goblin Whipcrackers make frequent, fast patrols through the halls. There are very few places that are safe from wandering or spawning monsters, and therefore few areas to pull to or to rest and camp at. Most of the time, an adventurer will have to take their chances and camp in the middle of a hallway, and hope that when you come back in, there aren't any goblins wandering by.


Despite the fact that the Temple is covered with creatures and the good pull points are few and far between, this area is manageable. First of all, nothing in the dungeon can see through invisibility. This means that you can travel wherever you want to in order to set up camp with relative safety, although if your invis drops on you, you're going to have problems.

The other benefit is the large number of goblins. Although a specific area may seem very crowded, usually they are spread out enough that you can pull only a few of them at a time, and slowly clear the area out. The fast spawn rate and large number of creatures can keep a good group busy for hours.

Travelling To and From Temple Of Droga

There is one location on the surface in the Frontier Mountains that leads to the Temple itself. It is located at approximately 3560, 2800. There is also an entrance from the Mines of Nurga which you must fall down a rather large cliff to enter the Temple. The exit to the Mines from the Temple will also lead you to a one-way cliff. Exiting to the Frontier Mountains means you enter the entrance hall and proceed out the door. Stepping in the wrong place means you have a long walk to try it again.

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