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Location Key
1 Temple (lower room) with Soothsayer Dregzak who drops Mantle of Mirth (Common), Earring of Essence (Rare), and Bracer of Vajeen (Rare), also an Oven
2 Pool Room
3 Safe Room, connected by secret doors to Area 2
4 Table Room
5 Gate Room
6 Jail
7 Pit Trap, leads down behind multiple locked doors in prison at Area 6 below
8 Ledge Room with Chief RukGus who drops RukGus's Sticker (Common), Locket of Escape (Uncommon), Idol of the Thorned (Rare), and Essence of Dol (Rare), also in area are Stitcher who drops Pattern for Grakka's Tail, Bodyguard who drops Whip of Strangulation (Common), Circlet of Shadows (Rare), and Gauntlets of Potence (Very Rare), and Maddened Burynai who drops Burynai Legion Gi (Rare)

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