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Location: The edge of a frozen glacier on the southwest of the continent of Kunark

The Dreadlands

Lost Valley (with Druid/Wizard Portals)

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Adjacent Zones: Burning Wood, Frontier Mountains, Firiona Vie, Karnor's Castle
Level of Monsters: 30-50
Types of Monsters: Tundra Yeti, Glacier Yeti, Mountain Giant Craigs, Steeps, and Braes, Voracious Brute, Plaguebone Skeleton, Greater Spurbone, Petrifier, Stonegazer, and Stoneleer Cockatrices, Drolvarg Growlers, Ragers, Gnashers, and Snarlers, Ravishing Drolvarg, Drachnid Webmasters, Webstranders, Recluses, Silkmistresses, and Widows
Notable NPC's: Gorenaire, Gorgul Paclock, Mountain Giant Patriarch, Treeflayer, Wulfare Lonewolf, Wraithbone Champion
Unique Items: Axe of the Iron Back, A Yellow Whip, Drachnid Thyxl, Forest Loop, Gem Encrusted Ring, Giant Foreman's Tunic, Giant Grub Digger, Giant Lord's Tunic, Giant Sized Monocle, Giant Tree Flayer, Hammer of Flattening, Lumberjack's Cap, Straw Spun Belt, Tree Weave, Weighted Axe
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/16/02
Map last updated: 03/03/01


The Dreadlands is the name given to the harsh lands surrounding the ancient Karnor's Castle. The area includes an area of forest inhabited by the Drachnids, as well as the edge of a massive glacier extending down from the mountains. Buried within a secluded valley is an ancient outpost of the Combine Empire.


This vast area is inhabited by a large number of aggressive creatures, and these comprise the major danger in travelling through the area. Every creature you see will attack you, and monsters like the drolvargs and giants can see through any invisibility spell or effect, so be prepared.

The glacier area is dangerous because the mountainous terrain makes it difficult to see creatures as you move through the area, so it is possible to come over the crest of a hill directly on top of something not very happy to run into you.

The wooded area further to the east is inhabited by the drachnids, a group of fast-moving, spellcasting, aggressive spiderlike creatures that continually roam the area. The decreased range of vision in this area from the trees and frequent snowstorms make it easy to stumble across them while travelling, and since most of them cast spells, it is advised to not stumble across them.

There is also a powerful dragon that can be found in this area, a frost dragon named Gorenaire. Keep your eyes peeled, because if you stumble across this one unprepared, you will more than likely be killed quicker than you've ever been before.


Hunting in this area is actually much safer than in other areas of the continent of Kunark for several reasons. First and foremost is that throughout most of the zone, you have a large area of visibility surrounding you while you hunt. This allows you to see creatures that might interrupt you most rudely during a battle and move out of the way ahead of time. The glacier has good vision, and the blasted area surrounding Karnor's Castle has even better visibility. This is cut down significantly during the frequent snowstorms, but is still quite good, and tends to cheer up the barbarians in the group.

It is also relatively safe because there seem to be fewer monsters walking around to avoid, possibly because of the vastness of the zone, or it may just be an illusion caused by the large amount of visibility.

The Lost Valley bears special mention. This area is an isolated area off of the western edge of the main area of the zone, and contains within it the ancient ruins of an outpost of the Combine Empire. Nearby lie Wizard and Druid portals, and this is where these classes gate into when using spells to arrive in Kunark. The rest of the Lost Valley is not normally inhabited by wandering monsters, although a traveller must be careful because occasionally large creatures from the main area either get trained or disoriented and wind up here. The outpost itself has some relatively strong skeletons that don't wander around, and a skeletal monk of some importance.

Travelling To and From The Dreadlands

The Druid and Wizard Teleportation spots are located at 2500, 7725 and 3050, 9650 respectively.

There are many ways to get into the Dreadlands. The zone to Burning Wood is at approximately 3400, -800. This places you at approximately -3500, -800 in the Burning Wood.

The zone to Firiona Vie is at 370, -5920. The tunnel in Firiona Vie opens up at -200, 3590 after following a long passage through the mountains.

Frontier Mountains can be entered through a tunnel located at 2100, -3410 and zones into Frontier Mountains at location -3675, -3330 (at the end of the tunnel).

Karnor's Castle is located at approximately 650, -1845.

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