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Location: East of Qeynos


Everfrost Caves

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Adjacent Zones: Halas, Blackburrow, Permafrost Keep
Level of Monsters: 1-20+
Types of Monsters: Ice Goblin Whelps, Gnoll Pups, White Wolves, Snow Spiderlings, Polar Bear Cubs, Skeletons, Snow Spiders (Large and Giant), Polar Bears, Snow Leopards, Ice Goblin Scouts, Ice Goblin Shamans, Snow Orc Troopers, Snow Orc Mountaineers, Snow Orc Shamans, Mammoth Calves, Woolly Mammoth Calves, Woolly Mammoths, Corrupt Mammoths, Tainted Mammoths, Vengeful Lyricist, Vengeful Composer, Vengeful Soloist, Icebone Skeletons, Icy Orcs, Ice Giants
Notable NPC's: Karg Icebear, Lich of Miragul, Megan, Tundra Jack, Iceberg (a friendly polar bear), Snowflake, Sulon McMoor, Redwind, Martar Icebear, Dark Assassin, several barbarians involved in quests, Glacier Bear
Unique Items: Polar Bear Cloak, Lupine Armor, Gigantic Zweihander, items for Ranger and Shaman armor quests and Wizard Rod quest
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Everfrost is a permanently frozen area of frequent snowfalls and constant snow cover. It is the northernmost zone, and is adjacent to the home of the barbarians, Halas. It is also adjacent to the gnoll home of Blackburrow, where all must pass if they want to enter the lands surrounding Qeynos, and Permafrost, a higher level dungeon to the east. Everfrost can be safely divided into two subzones, the canyons and the plains.

The canyons represent the newbie area for Halas. They are a twisting area of high ridges and very few open areas through which the lower level monsters move. This is also where the entrance to both Halas and Blackburrow lies.

The plains are a much vaster and more dangerous area. They lie to the east of the canyons and stretch for quite a ways further east before ending in the mountains. The only place further east is Permafrost. A frozen river divides this area into eastern and western halves, and ruins of an ancient civilization are scattered throughout the region.


The dangers can be divided into the two separate areas. The canyons can be dangerous for low level adventurers (less than 4th) as the 1st level monsters (the whelps and pups) are aggressive to you and you can wind up being swarmed by these creatures. It is also dangerous if you are in the business of attacking wolves. If I can give you advice, don't attack the wolves. Every zone on this half of the continent has wolves in it, and you don't want to constantly be harried by wolves, especially since there's no reason to kill them. Also, every monster in this area will join its comrades if they are in battle, so be careful of swarming. Also, there are now a trio of vengeful skeletons who appear identical to the normal weak ones. Be careful to /con all the skeletons you will be attacking or fighting near, or have an escape route planned out ahead of time.

The plains are an entirely different matter. The biggest problem here is that some of the most powerful creatures in the zone are also the most aggressive, namely the Orc Shaman and the Icebone Skeleton. The Orc Shaman can cast all manner of spells and can take on groups of level 11-13 characters, even though it is only about level 14-16. The Icebone Skeleton is difficult to see until it is upon you, and then does massive damage and stun attacks, as well as cast spells, and is about 15-16th level and immune to nonmagic attacks.

The other creatures on the plains that are dangerous are not aggressive, and these are the woolly mammoth. There are packs of people lining the western edge of the plains who send out a scout to bring in a mammoth or mammoth calf to kill here, and the only real danger is that they might bring back more than they can handle, and either perish or run to the guards, and bring the mammoths with them. The calves are about 14-16th level and the mamas are even higher (near 25th).

There is now a band of icy orcs that have taken up residence in the temple by the river and the ice giant statue. These creatures are approximately lvl 25, and have as their leader and Shadow Knight named Redwind, who is closer to 28th level or so. There is also a small network of caves off of the end of the northeast branch of the river. It is quite a swim from the nearest ice hole to the opening, with nowhere to breathe in between, so you need some method by which to breathe water. Within the caves can be found a aggressive deadly necromancer, several Icebone Skeletons, and the elusive cave bear.


The canyons of Everfrost are probably one of the most wealthy hunting grounds I've ever found. I consistently would return from hunting there with 2-3 platinum, even at low levels (like 3rd). By then you're killing all the creatures that walk by, sometimes in hoards, and raking in the money and experience. The bears have pelts, the skeletons have weapons, and the pups and whelps quite often carry sacks.

The plains are good for wealth if you are of significantly high level such that you can hunt in a group and take out mammoths. Their tusks are worth quite a bit, and it is quite safe to hunt them the way they do, in a very controlled environment and with guards nearby. Also, a midlevel (5th or 6th) soloist could make quite a living taking out Ice Goblins along the edge, including their little camps. The other benefit to hunting in the deep plains is that there are not a lot of people around, so the monster you spot is more than likely yours. There are also some unique quest items floating around.

Travelling To and From Everfrost

To the southeast of the canyons lies the entrance to Blackburrow from Everfrost. It can be difficult to find, but is generally safe. Be careful, however, because the Everfrost section of the tunnels has both gnolls and darkness, you need to be able to take them out and see or you'll never reach the other end.

To the East lies the entrance to Permafrost. I have never gone inside, I usually get creamed by an Icebone Skeleton before I reach there and I can track the ice giants within, but it exists on the far northern edge of the eastern edge of the plains.

Updated: Aug 16th, 2020