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Location: Nestled in a secluded valley within the rugged Everfrost Peaks, protected from the outside world by a lake and Barbarian steel

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Races: Barbarian
Guilds: Beastlord, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
Religious Facilities: The Tribunal
Artisan Facilities: Brewery, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel

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Halas is a city like its inhabitants, simple and to the point. Only barbarians would even consider swimming in the lake that provides them protection instead of waiting for the raft to carry them across, swimming without fear in the frigid waters. The city is relatively small, but has everything that any larger city has in half the space. Barbarians are usually the only ones in the streets, but you can occasionally see a human or half-elf, or even other more tropical races. Frequent snowstorms keep the streets and rooftops white year-round.

Surrounding Areas

The area surrounding Halas is an area deceptively teeming with life. Many creatures have adapted to living in the cold, and regularly roam the Everfrost Peaks. The narrow valleys of these mountains make some of the stronger creatures even more dangerous, as there is often nowhere to flee from them if need be. Perhaps this is why the barbarians have developed into one of the bravest races in Norrath, standing the ground while a lesser man might flee.

From the Everfrost Peaks, an intrepid explorer can find the cavern home of the Blackburrow gnolls, a vicious enemy of the Barbarians. Through their home lies the way to other lands to the south of the Barbarians' homeland. Many adventurers, often from far off lands, can be found braving the wastes of the Permafrost, also adjacent to the Everfrost Peaks. Rumors of ancient civilizations and ruins dotting the snowy wastes bring in many a curious explorer (such as myself).

Travelling To and From Halas

The only way to get to the city of Halas is to brave both the gnoll land of Blackburrow as well as the Everfrost Peaks themselves. Passing through these leads to the lands north of Qeynos and, from there, the rest of Norrath.

Local Color


The city of Halas has more than its share of bars, probably to keep these tundra dwellers warm on a winter night. These are humming with life during the drinking festivals, carried out regularly across Norrath on the same evenings every week. Armories are also a common sight, and frequented almost as much as the bars. Most of the inhabitants of this city know well how to use a sword, and I almost feel badly for the gnolls to whom they are mortal enemies.


The people of Halas generally keep to themselves. Their life requires a great deal of what other races might term menial work, so their days are consumed with the process of survival. This is not to say that there aren't very frequent brawls in the streets as young (and old) warriors demonstrate their skills for others, or drinking bouts ending in dozens of unconscious champions, but the Barbarians could be termed a simple people.

Updated: Aug 16th, 2020