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Location: Buried in the heart of the Emerald Jungle

City of Mist

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Adjacent Zones: Emerald Jungle
Level of Monsters: 35-53
Types of Monsters: Fog Golem, Vapor Golem, Haze Golem, Misty Golem, Apparition, Shadow, Phantom, Wraith, Ghosts, Spectral Courier, Army Behemoth, Spurbone Skeleton, Plaguebone Skeleton, Greater Plaguebone Skeleton, Greater Warboned Skeleton, Gyrating Goo
Notable NPC's: Black Reaver, Captain of the Guard, Human Skeleton, Lhranc, Lord Ghiosk, Lord Kizaul, Lord Rak'Ashiir, Mardon, Neh'Ashiir, Spectral Courier, Wraith of Jaxion
Unique Items: Atramentous Shield, Axe of Lost Souls, Ebonwood Cudgel, Fine Steel Ulak, Green Jade Broadsword, Jade Reaver, Kunzar Ku'juch, Lost Staff of the Scorned, Mace of the Shadowed Soul, Master Wu's Trance Sticks, Obsidian Ring of Quintessence, Ornate Rune Blade, Ornate Rune Shield, Robe of Decay, Ruined Scale Armor, Runewood Great Staff, Sainys Claw, Shimmering Partisan, Throneblade of the Ykesha, Torch of the Elements, Viik's Dark Defender, Wintry Club, Woodsman's Staff, Wraith Bone Hammer, Wu's Quivering Staff
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 02/16/02
Map last updated: 02/22/02


The City of Mist was the pinnacle of iksar construction in its time, known as Torsis. Lord Rak'Ashiir's loss of faith in his god, Cazic-Thule, after the death of his son, eventually led to their downfall. The magics that suspended the three great halls above the grounds of the main city are lost to time, but are as impressive now as when they were first made.


The city is divided up into several areas. The front is the yard where many random creatures appear. Further in is the city itself, with buildings that have multiple levels. The deepest part of the zone is actually the floating towers, which are connected by narrow, broken walkways. Care must be taken travelling between them because there are gaps in the stone that are easy to drop through if you aren't coordinated enough to jump and clear them.

The Black Reavers will spawn new creatures many times after you kill them for a random number of spawns. At some point, the Lord may spawn out of this.


Melee classes are able to be bound here, which is good, and can also be bound now in nearby Field of Bone. It is also a good place to bind when hunting in the surrounding areas. There is also a nearby evac point arrival in Emerald Jungle

Much of the loot that appears here drops off of any creature within the zone. This means that you don't need to camp one specific area in order to get specific items, they will appear off of anything. That being said, most of the loot appears to be quite rare.

Travelling To and From City Of Mist

The City of Mist can be reached by entering it from the Emerald Jungle, with the entrance found at 310, -1960.

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