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Location: In a large castle located in the Burning Wood


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Adjacent Zones: Burning Wood
Level of Monsters: 45+
Types of Monsters: Chardoki Golem, Chokidai Lacerator, Chokidai Mangler, Chokidai Sunderfiend, Di'zok Royal Guard, Judicator of Di'zok, Mangler, Sarnak Accoucheur, Sarnak Arbiter, Sarnak Aruspex, Sarnak Aruspice, Sarnak Caedosaur, Sarnak Janissary, Sarnak Myrmidon, Sarnak Templar, Froglok Slave, Iksar Betrayer, Iksar Slave, Ratman Slave
Notable NPC's: Ancient Guardian, Apprentice Herbalist, Arch Inspector Nibi'zi, The Bridge Keeper, Drill Master Dih'roul, Foreman Ku'Lul, Grand Advisor Zum'ull, Grand Herbalist Makha, Grave Master Zo'lun, Korocust, Korocust Courier, Observer Aq'touz, Overking Bathezid, Prince Selrach Di'zok, Queen Velazul Di'zok, Sarnak Collective Auditor, Sorcerer of Di'zok, Underboss Myli'ki, Watch Captain Hir'roul, The Wraith of a Fallen Di'zok Hero
Unique Items:

Argent Defender, Baton of Flame, Baton of Royal Stature, Bronze Statue of Bathezid, Burnished Wooden Staff, Burnt Wood Staff, Chokidai Hide Spaulders, Courier's Potion, Crypt Master's Conjuring Stone, Di'zok Begirding, Di'zok Escape Staff, Di'zok Sceptre of Authority, Di'zok Wristsnapper, Earring of Blazing Energy, Earring of Purity, Earring of Twisted Leaves, Earring of Woven Bark, Edge of Cabilis, Etched Steel Baton, Fancy Velvet Mantle, Fist of Lightning, Girdle of Flayed Iksar, Golem Tear Ring, Guard Captain's Mallet, Herbalist Spade, Incarnadine Armor, Inlaid Jade Hoop, Ivory Imbued Collar, Jade Inlaid Spaulders, Jagged Blade of Mourning, Jagged Chokidai Spine, Jeldorin, Nathsar Bracer, Nathsar Vambraces, Polished Shai'din Naginata, Ring of Stealthy Travel, Runic Carver, A Sandwich of Foul Smelling Herbs, Sarnak Arcane Fetish, Sarnak Backstabber, Sarnak Battle Shield, Sarnak Bracer of Honor, Sarnak Earrings of Station, Sarnak Prayer Beads, Sarnak Skull Splitter, Sarnak War Bow, Shard of Darkness, Silver Swiftblade, Slick Leather Courier's Cape, Stained Cloth Mask, Stave of Shielding, Symphonic Saber, Tribal War Boots, Tribal War Mask, Water Sprinkler of Forgiven, Withered Staff, Wurmscale Fistwraps

unknown if still dropping: Insignia Protector, Jade Inlaid Crescent Axe, Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse, Vibrating Hammer of Infuse, Worn Crescent Axe

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 04/24/02
Map last updated: 01/01/03


Chardok is the site of the ancient sarnak military fortress that has existed for centuries since the time of Emperor Atrebe, and is considered by the sarnaks to be their home.


The entrance to the zone is not the same as the exit from it. When you enter the zone, if you turn around you will simply see a blank stone wall. From reports, upon entry to the zone you proceed deeper and keep to the left. This will lead you past the entrance to the main part of the zone and, up a hallway, to the exit.


Much of the loot in this zone drops off of practically any monster within the zone, making any adventure into the zone useful in terms of obtaining loot (i.e. you don't have to camp a specific spawn to get what you want).

Also, there is now a banker here that is usable, so you don't have to travel far to do your banking. There is also a merchant here that sells unusual food and drink items, located at -80, +345.

This is also an area to get some high level spell drops, including some new spells.

Travelling To and From Chardok

Chardok can be reached through the evil lizard castle at approximately 5900, -3800. The zone entrance is not the same as the exit, which you can reach by travelling left into Chardok and will return to Burning Wood.

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