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Location: In the middle of the continent of Velious

Wakening Land

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Adjacent Zones: Kael Drakkal, Plane of Growth, Skyshrine
Level of Monsters: 40-50, 60+
Types of Monsters: Panther, Corrupted Panther, Mist Panthers, Haze Panthers, Tigeraptor, Tigesaurus, Frost Giant Laborer, Frost Giant Sentinel, Frost Giant Sentry, Storm Giant Foreman, Storm Giant Overseer, Storm Giant Surveyor, Unicorn, Corrupted Unicorns, Faun, Corrupted Faun, Faun Steward, Drixie Thane, Wood Nymph, Faerie Dragon, Tar Goos, Geonid, Geonid Shaman, Holgresh Conjurer, Holgresh Elementalist, Elder Holgresh, Suit of Sentient Armor, Sifaye Thane, Sifaye Troubadour, Sifaye Knight, Gnome Mercenary, Human Mercenary, Tier'Dal Mercenary, Barbarian Mercenary, Troll Mercenary
Notable NPC's: Architect, Countess Silviana, Eysa Florawhisper, Felisiana of Tunare, Frostgiant Overseer, Grand Vizier Poolakacha'te, Korzak Stonehammer, Lady Gelistial, Lieutenant Krofer, Lord Gossimerwind, Phenocryst, Phillip Aghllsews, Priest Grenk, Shamus Aghllsews, Weinna Oakchild, Wounded Storm Giant, Wuoshi
Unique Items: Crescent Blades of Luclin, Holgresh Elder Beads, Holgresh Mojo Stick (types include Cast Force, Flame Flux, Frost Shock, Shock of Spikes), Kromzek Foreman Helm, Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn, Sentient Armor, Tanglewood Shield, Tar Goo Strands
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 03/03/01
Map last updated: 02/03/01


The Wakening Land is a large forested valley on this otherwise frozen continent. The goddess Tunare has a very palpable presence here, and is likely the reason that the area is so full of life.


The zone is split up into several general areas, each with their own dangers. The first area most people reach is the area near Kael Drakkal. This area is frequented by the frost and storm giants, and is dangerous to most unless they've made friends with them.

Moving south to the next area, which is another area of interest to many people, is where the Dragon Portal is located. The area seems very quiet, but in fact it is too quiet. The great dragon Wuoshi makes his home right at the portal. He is on the same faction as Skyshrine, so unless you've made friends there, he will attack you and, unless you're in a very large group or very lucky, most likely kill you.

Farther west lies the geonid tunnels. The geonids are generally friendly, but the tar goos which can be found occasionally there are not, and if they attack you, so will the geonids. The next area to the west is occupied by the "flying monkeys" or the Holgresh. These are aggressive and are known to wander throughout the zone, instead of staying in their own area. Although they generally don't, it's better to be safe. Further west lies the entrance to Skyshrine. There is nothing inherently dangerous about this, except that the tigeraptors and tigesaurs live here, and are inherently aggressive to everyone who travels through.

Moving back east, most of the top half of the zone is filled with creatures devoted to Tunare. This means that if Tunare doesn't like you (you know who you are) this is probably not the place for you to be. If Tunare doesn't mind you, however, this place is safe. There are also Sentiant Armors in this section, but they live in ruined houses and are easy to avoid.


The Wakening Land provides several discrete areas in which to hunt, each with its own faction involved as well as who starts out KOS there. Also, most areas are discrete, without a lot of creatures walking between them, so you don't have to worry about dangerous monsters from nearby wandering through, for the most part.

This zone also is the site of an ongoing battle between the Kromrif and Kromzek and the members of the Court of Tunare. There are several quests for high level characters that come out of this battle which are quite interesting.

Travelling To and From Wakening Land

Skyshrine is located at 1450, 4500.

To enter the Plane of Growth you need to travel to the island at the middle of the zone and to the top of the tower, where you touch a small tree and are teleported to the Plane of Growth. Be careful, though, the tree has a large clickable area, and you don't want to end up in the Plane of Growth if Tunare doesn't like you.

Kael Drakkal is located at -650, -5050.

There is a dragon circle at -3000, -3000.

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