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The Temple of Solusek Ro is a unique zone, new to the world of Norrath. It is a zone not for adventuring and hunting, killing monsters or selling goods, but for interacting with the inhabitants of the Temple. These inhabitants hail from all of the different classes and races, and are present here for one practical purpose, to give out quests.

The rest of this guide will be a departure from the usual format of the guides at this site, since this zone doesn't lend itself to that sort of format. Dangers and Benefits will not be discussed, but instead the names and locations of various NPC's who give out quests will be shown, as well as what they will allow you to quest for. Not included, however, will be more information on the quests, such as what you need to do them. If you want that information, I suggest you travel to the Temple yourself...

The inhabitants as labelled above...
Number Name of Inhabitant Class Quest Items
1 Tazgar the Efreeti ? Hailing him will result in a loss of faction with Temple of Solusek Ro inhabitants
2 Gavel the Temperant Cleric Ingots & Icons (armor)
3 Blaize the Reliant Cleric Ingots & Icons (armor)
4 Cryssia Stardreamer Bard Lambent Armor
5 Walthin Fireweaver Bard Lambent Armor
? Bard Weapon
6 Lord Searfire Paladin Paladin Class Armor
7 Joyce Magician Robe of the Elements
Clay Bracelet
Earthen Boots
Circlet of Mist
next to 7 Vira Magician Shovel of Ponz
Stein of Ulissa
Broom of Trilon
Torch of Alna
next to 7 Lord Lytyx of Burwood Paladin Xyfl Scale
8 Gardern Wizards Staff of Temperate Flux
Weeping Wand
between 8 and 9 Terblyn Zerbus merchant Sells Wizard Translocation and Combine Gate spells
9 Vilissia Wizards Runescale Cloak
Tishans Kilt
Acumen Mask
10 Genni ? Lambent Gems
Fire Opals
11 Ostorm ? unspecializing in spell skill
near 10 & 11 Undead Knight Shadow Knight Darkforge Armor
12 Sultin Enchanter Incandescents of Power
Rod of Insidious Glamour
13 Romar Sunto Enchanter Tashania Quest (Lvl 44 spell)
Darkwood Staves
14 Vurgo Necromancer Harvester
Words of Darkness
15 Syllina Necromancer Shadowbound Boots
Shadowbound Gloves
Robe of Enshroudment
Shadow Silk
Not on Map Yet Lon the Redeemed Rogue Burning Rapier


Travelling To and From Temple Of Solusek Ro

The Temple of Solusek Ro can be found by travelling through the zone of the Lavastorm Mountains. When you travel the the north middle of that zone, along the northern edge of the lava pit known as Solusek's Eye, there is a small walkway and a tunnel that leads into the Temple.

Updated: Aug 18th, 2020