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Location: Deep in the middle of the Desert of Ro

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Adjacent Zones: Northern Desert of Ro, Southern Desert of Ro, Timorous Deep
Level of Monsters: 7-30+
Types of Monsters: Pumas, Sand Scarabs, Dune Tarantulas, Desert Madmen, Lesser Mummies, Shriveled Mummies, Crypt Mummies, Ghouls, Dry Bone Skeletons, Crocodiles, Caimans, Deepwater Caimans, Deepwater Crocodiles, Orc Warriors, Orc Priests, Deepwater Goblins, Sand Giants, Spectres
Notable NPC's: Cazel, Hatar, Lockjaw, Young Ronin
Unique Items: Lockjaw Hide Vest, Glowing Wooden Crook, Wizard Rod
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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The Oasis of Marr is a large desert area that lies in the middle of the Desert of Ro. The oasis itself is inhabited by crocodiles of all types, and the island in the middle has a temple that is surrounded by spectres. The zone is one of the most dangerous in this part of the world.


This is a very dangerous zone, mostly because almost every creature in the zone is both powerful and aggressive. The pumas are the least of your concerns, the wandering madmen, mummies, and sand giants are much more dangerous. Add to that the fact that many lower level characters travel through here en route from Freeport or Neriak to the swamps to the south. Two noteworthy creatures are Cazel, who is a very high level sand giant that appears now and then, and is generally unkillable even by the groups hunting sand giants here. He can leave reams of bodies stacked on the shore. The other is the dry bone skeleton, or "DBS," who wanders over the entire zone. These creatures are also in the high teens and are aggressive and tough to take down. They are also not too easily seen against the sand of the area, and sometimes can be confused for some necromancer's pet.

There are some special notes to hunting orcs here that you should be aware of. Anyone hunting the "Orc Highway" should be hunting in a group. The reason is that there is always a large number of orcs slowly wandering around the area. Even the best and most awake puller is going to, at some point, pull more than intended and you're going to wind up fighting a swarm of them. The orc priests are truly evil, and should be taken out first as they will heal themselves and others during battle. Also be aware that there is a slight naming difference between "an orc warrior" and "a orc warrior." The "an" orcs are in their mid-teens in level, while the "a" orc is more like 20th. This means that, especially for lower level groups, you must /con as you go to make sure you're not pulling a big baddie.

To travel through this zone, the safest route (from north to south) is to travel along the eastern edge of the zone, along the water. The crocodiles along here are not aggressive, and you can travel most of the edge without being attacked. The only concern in this area is that, quite often, players from the lake tower will pull spectres to the zone and the ghastly creature will wind up slowly floating down the shore, destroying those they meet. Keep your shout channel open to hear the warnings. The southern edge is by far the most dangerous, as there is a slightly higher concentration of powerful creatures and the dunes make it hard to see them as you make your way to zone. Desert madmen roam this area and are far more powerful than you can tell by /con'ing them. Use the tops of the sand dunes to watch the surrounding creatures and their movements, and move quickly to the zone edge. Don't fight anything in the middle of the desert, because you'll get swarmed.


This area is good hunting for people who are looking to fight creatures of the levels described above. The crocodiles and caimans along the eastern edge provide good hunting for characters in their low teens for level and their older cousins the deepwaters can carry you all the way up to around 20th. If you're savvy, you can also get a regular supply of them from the water, although your swimming skill must be pretty good to actually make it back to shore. There is also the "Orc Highway" that provides some good training for grouping, as well as good loot and experience, and actually extends along the entire western edge of the zone and not just at the most packed area on the NW corner of the lake.. Higher levels can pull the spectres from the main island as well as hunt sand giants here.

There is also something of an economy here. There is a gypsy camp near the lake that sells combine weapons as well as other more average equipment. The Inn at the southern edge of the lake, although in a very dangerous spot, also sells items (although at a very inflated price).

Travelling To and From Oasis of Marr

The Oasis of Marr can be reached from the north along a large border it shares with the Northern Desert of Ro. Along the southern edge there is a small range of mountains, but there is a narrow pass in the middle of the southern edge of the oasis through which travelers can pass into the Southern Desert of Ro.

The dock has boats that lead to the continent of Kunark.

Updated: Aug 25th, 2020