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Location: On the northeastern corner of Antonica, hidden in the Nektulos Forest

Neriak Foreign Quarter

Neriak Commons

Neriak 3rd Gate

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Races: Dark Elf, Troll
Guilds: Beastlord, Clerics, Enchanters, Magicians, Necromancers, Rogues, Shadow Knights, Shamans, Warriors, Wizards
Religious Facilities: Innoruuk
Artisan Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forges, Kiln, Ovens, Pottery Wheel, items and equipment for all but Fletching and Tinkering

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Neriak is the center of the Dark Elven empire, and is a splendid, dark city that lies carved out of the mountians next to the Nektulos Forest. No natural light has ever seen their homeland, and the dark elves thrive and flourish in their city. All manner of evil races, including the Trolls and Ogres, can be found within. Most of these are restricted to the Foreign Quarter, where the dark elves trade with the outside world. The deeper parts of the city house many of the city's shops, guild halls, and homes.

Surrounding Areas

Neriak lies off of the Nektulos Forest, a barely alive forest that is continuously in the dark from the smoke drifting down from the volcanic Lavastorm Mountains to the north. To the south of the forest lies the Commonlands and the homes of their enemies, the humans.

Travelling To and From Neriak

Neriak can be reached only by travelling through the Nektulos Forest to its well-guarded entrance. To the north of the forest lies the broken Lavastorm Mountains and the lair of the great dragon, Lord Nagafen, as well as the Temple of Solusek Ro. To the south of the forest lies the Commonlands, and from them the human cities of Freeport, Highhold Keep, and the lands beyond.

Local Color


Neriak is a twisted, but beautiful, city, carved out of the earth millenia ago. Magic and excellent artisanship have lit up the city with glowing neon-colored lights, and fountains and monuments to the god of the dark elves, Innoruuk, fill the city.


The city of Neriak, for all of its beauty, is filled with danger, as befits its occupants. Stepping into the wrong place in any part of the city can easily get you killed, and this is especially true for the Trolls and Ogres, who, although guests, are not welcome everywhere. This could be from some degree of superiority on the dark elves part, and also because of the plot the dark elves are hatching, lying barely hidden beneath the surface of the city.

Updated: Aug 18th, 2020