EQ Atlas
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Adjacent Zones: Butcherblock Mountains, Firiona Vie, Oasis of Marr, The Overthere


Location Key
1 Ogre Camp with the Great Oowomp who drops Batfang Headband, Bat Skull Earring, Bone Armplates, Bone Legplates, Chipped Bone Bracer, Chipped Bone Collar, Giant Snakespine Belt, Sheer Bone Mask, Turtleshell Helm, and Ugrak Da Raider who drops Dark Rust Boots (Rare) and Dark Rust Bracers (Very Rare)
2 Spiroc Aviary
3 Bandit Camp and Fallen Iksar
4 Bandit Camp
5 Ship Graveyard with Bandits
6 Underwater Ruins
7 Ruins with Xiblin Fizzlebik
8 Chessboard
9 Elven Outpost with Merchants
10 Abandoned Druid Ring
11 Raptor Islands
12 Floating Iceberg with Halara who drops Grey Fur Cape (Common) and Fur Lined Mask (Rare)
13 Combine Teleportation Towers with underwater tunnel to Teleportation Firepots
14 Inn with quest NPCs and Merchant

Updated: Aug 26th, 2020