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Location: In an active mine within the Butcherblock Mountains, can't miss it due to its obvious entrance...

North Kaladim

South Kaladim

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Races: Dwarf
Guilds: Clerics, Paladins, Rogues, Warriors
Religious Facilities: Brell Serillis
Artisan Facilities: Brew Barrel, Kiln, Pottery Wheel, Oven, Forge

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Kaladim is the underground city of the Dwarves of Norrath. A huge carved statue of a dwarf marks the entrance of their city onto the rugged Butcherblock Mountains.

Surrounding Areas

Butcherblock Mountains is a vast expanse of rough terrain on the north end of which lies Kaladim. The dwarves have guard stations scattered throughout the mountains, but they have been unable to claim the region for their own, and many dangerous monsters still wander around freely.

Travelling To and From Kaladim

Kaladim's entrance is along the northern border of the Butcherblock Mountains. To the west of this entrance lies the port where the dock from the continent of Antonica arrives, taking travellers to and from Freeport. Far in the other direction, through the mountain passes, lies the entrance to the forest of the elves, Greater Faydark. To the south lies the narrow pass to Dagnor's Cauldron.

Local Color


This town is completely carved out of the mountains, and winds its way ever deeper. The guilds have each carved out their own niches in different areas of the caverns, forming a network of warrens that all dwarves call home.


The dwarves wander throughout their town, busy on business and protecting their community from the pressures outside. Many of the strongest warriors of the land, as well as its most devout, hail from these halls, and the inhabitants carry themselves with pride because of it.

Updated: Aug 15th, 2020