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Location: West of the city of Freeport

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Adjacent Zones: East Commonlands, Kithicor Forest, Befallen
Level of Monsters: 6-30
Types of Monsters: Orc Pawns, Orc Centurions, Orc Legionnaires, Orc Oracles, Pumas, Plains Cats, Giant Scarabs, Asps, Rattlesnakes, Skeletons, Zombies, Lesser Mummies, Ghoul, Cutthroat Dervish, Dervish Thug, Giant Spiders, Black Bears, Young Kodiaks, Kodiaks, Will O' Wisps, Large Pihranas, Werewolves, Hill Giants, Griffins, Shadowed Men, Nightfall Giant
Notable NPC's: Dragoon Zytl, Kizdean Gix, named Barbarians, Apprentice I'Kalyn, Captain D'Irth, Evocationist Bir'Jeir, Lieutenant Ixev'a, Lieutenant N'Xyr, Priestess A'Tzae, Priestess Sha'Har
Unique Items: Werewolf-related items
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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The West Commonlands is a large open area that is the western continuation of East Commonlands. This area is significantly higher level than East Commonlands, and many of the monsters here are both dangerous and aggressive.


This is an area, much like Northern and Eastern Karana, where many relatively low-level players travel through in order to go from Qeynos to Freeport. It also has a large number of aggressive creatures that live in it, most notably the hill giants and kodiaks, but the undead and werewolves also fit the bill.

Aside from the above, low-level characters (below 10th) shouldn't really be in this zone at all, and travellers should stick to the path and keep an eye out for wandering aggressive creatures. The griffins and hill giants will wander all over the zone, and are (surprisingly) difficult to spot sometimes. Shadowed Men are also here, and are quite powerful, but they typically stay to their camp in the southwest corner of the zone.


This area is a good, solid, higher-level hunting area. There are several camps that can be taken by groups of lower level characters, and most of the rest of the zone can provide good hunting for higher levels. It is also a great area to hunt Will O' Wisps in, and they start at 9th level.

There are also several quests that involve this region, and it is where the entrance to Befallen exists, quietly tucked away behind where the hill giants roam in the southern edge of the zone.

Travelling To and From West Commonlands

West Commonlands is accessable from the west through the pass to Kithicor Forest in the northwest corner of the zone. To the east, and Freeport and Faydwer beyond adventurers can pass into the East Commonlands. In a narrow, dimly lit tunnel off the southern edge lies the front entrance to Befallen...

Updated: Aug 15th, 2020