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Location: Nestled in the Steamfont Mountains on the southern edge of Faydwer


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Races: Gnome
Guilds: Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard
Religious Facilities: Abbey of Deep Musing
Artisan Facilities: Brewery, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel

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Ak'Anon is an ancient city, built into the edge of the mountains long ago by the gnomes who call it home. Half fortress and half laboratory, the gnomes have been developing their clockwork machines and defenses here for generations, and show no signs of stopping. In ages past, the gnomes were so powerful as to defy the gods and build their own clockwork dragon to protect the city, but when it went rogue, it was either imprisoned far beneath the city or banished to another land. Eons have passed since, however, and the truth of the gnomes prior glory may never be known.

Surrounding Areas

The gnomes have long made their dwellings in the Steamfont Mountains and, although they have not tamed that wild region, have established themselves as a strong force there. They run several large windmills in the mountains, generating power for some as-yet-unrevealed project, and the Observers have set up their observatories in the far reaches of the mountains.

Further afield lies the vast untamed expanse of Lesser Faydark and, hidden within, the lair of the evil vampire Mistmoore. The gnomes have a small presence in this forest, more to protect their communications with the elves and dwarves beyond than to stake a claim within the forest itself.

Travelling To and From Ak'Anon

Ak'Anon can be reached by travelling through the Steamfont Mountains, and lies nestled in a small valley in the southern edge of it. The ever-churning machines of the gnomes can be seen marking the outside of their city, and these may in fact be engines of war, although it is hard for those who aren't gnomes (and some who are) to tell.

To the west lies the narrow chasm that opens into Lesser Faydark. The small gnome outpost lies very near the opening on the other side, and a short distance to the northwest lies the entrance to Greater Faydark and the cities of the wood elves and high elves. Far to the west of Greater Faydark lies the underground home of the dwarves.

Local Color


Ak'Anon reflects its inhabitants, unique and slightly reclusive, sticking to their own while, at the same time, forming a cohesive whole. The separate guild halls within the city lie far apart and in their own sections of the city itself, but there are several central hubs of activity within the city.

Prominent throughout the city is a large flowing river/lake that dominates every area. This water is pumped from deep below the mountains by massive machinery and allowed to flow throughout the city, providing power as it does so and precious water to all the various parts and shops throughout the city.

Far in the northern part of the city lies old caverns that have been taken over by the less desirable elements of the gnome society, where the necromancers and the other evil gnomes have taken up residence, as well as the undead that they have summoned to protect their home.


The gnomes lie scattered throughout their city, inhabiting their small sections of the city, typically distributed by their guild affiliation. The spellcasters spend their time researching in the Library Mechanamagica, the clerics worship in the Abbey of Deep Musing while the rogues hide out beneath it. The evil gnomes hide far to the north in a forgotten part of the city, where the water runs polluted by the city's machines, in a some old mines there. The warriors live close by their king, in barracks guarding the only land route in.

Scattered throughout the city lie guides, special clockworks designed to provide information to those who are lost within the winding corridors. Simply walking up to a guide and inquiring about the location of something will lead to directions to reach it.

Updated: Aug 26th, 2020