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Location: On the Western Edge of the Continent of Velious

Western Wastes

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Adjacent Zones: Dragon Necropolis, Siren's Grotto, Temple of Veeshan
Level of Monsters: 50-60+
Types of Monsters: Brontotherium, Cragwyrm, Glacier Mastadon, Dragons, Gravid Drake, Lindwyrm, Scar Guardian, Velious Drake, Ice Burrower, Velium Hound, Wyvern Hunter, Wyvern Huntress
Notable NPC's: Dragons: Atpaev, Ayillish, Bratavar, Bufa, Cargalia, Del Separa, Derasinal, Draazak, Entariz, Esorpa of the Ring, Gafala, Gangel, Glati, Harla Dar, Hechaeva, Honvar, Icehackle, Ionat, Jen Sapara, Kar Sapara, Karkona, Klandicar, Linbrak, Makala, Makil Rargon, Mazi, Melalafen, Mraaka, Myga, Neordla, Nintal, Onava, Pantrilla, Quoza, Sontalek, Stronghorn, Tantor, Tranala, Tsiraka, Uiliak, Vitaela, Von, Vraptin, Yal, Yeldema, Zil Sapara; The Dragon Sage, Guardian Kozzalym, Scout Charisa
Unique Items: Breezeboot's Frigid Gnasher, Exquisite Velium Weapons, Dragon Talismans (one for each dragon), Ice Burrower Skin, Icehackle's Pelt, Reinforced, Worked, Matchless, Heavy and Peerless Dragon(part) Armors, Stronghorn's Horn, Tantor's Tusk, Tsiraka's Claws
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 03/17/02
Map last updated: 03/17/02


The Western Wastes is the last remaining home of a large number of dragons on Norrath. They are frequently found roaming the wastes.


Virtually all the monsters here are dragons or dragonkin, and are very powerful. Travelling here without a group is a very dangerous idea, if you are not allied with the Dragons. Even if you are allied with Dragons, you should stay invisible, because there are monsters here that will attack anyone with no regards to faction.

Also, pathing in this zone is astonishingly bad for an outdoor zone, mobs tend to warp and start summoning, and chain aggro occurs very frequently. It is very easy to get mobbed by monsters when you least expect it.


Most of the named dragons drop a named Talisman, which is like a Necklace of Superiority, giving +4 to +7 to all stats and saves depending on the dragon. Many Velious spells also only drop here.

Travelling To and From Weastern Wastes

The Western Wastes can be reached by passing through Siren's Grotto.

There are two areas that are off of the Western Wastes. The first is a one-way entrance to the Temple of Veeshan located at +700, +700. The second is the entrance to the Dragon Necropolis located at -2800, +380.

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