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Location: In between Misty Thicket and the Gorge of King Xorbb

Runnyeye Citadel Level One

Runnyeye Citadel Level Two

Runnyeye Citadel Level Three

Runnyeye Citadel Level Four

Adjacent Zones: Misty Thicket, Gorge of King Xorbb
Level of Monsters: 11-30+
Experience Bonus: 20 %
Types of Monsters: Sporelings, Sporali Miner, Sporali Worker, Sporali Scavenger, Sporali Gatherer, Sporali Defender, Goblin Runt, Goblin Neophyte, Goblin Peon, Goblin Trainee, Sludge Guppy, Ooze Crawler, Goblin Banker, Goblin Bartender, Goblin Merchant, Pickclaw Foechopper, Pickclaw Foeseeker, Pickclaw Foeslicer, Pickclaw Fleshburner, Pickclaw Slayspell, Pickclaw Mindripper, Pickclaw Thoughtshaper, Pickclaw Bonemender, Pickclaw Bladestopper, Pickclaw Arroweater, Runnyeye Conscript, Runnyeye Trustee, Mimic, Evil Eye Prisoner
Notable NPC's: Lord Pickclaw, Slime Elemental, Gelatinous Cube, Sludge Dankmire, Sporali Moldmaster
Unique Items: Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword, Blackened Alloy Armor, Blackened Alloy Longsword, Blackened Alloy Medallion, Blackened Iron Armor, Blackened Iron Eye Totem, Dark Muslin Armor, Polished Bone Bracelet, Sporali Defender's Blade, Sporali Gloves, Sporestrand Shield, Supple Black Cloak
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

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Text last updated: 05/31/01
Map last updated: 06/05/01


Runnyeye Citadel used to be the underground home of the Runnyeye clan of Goblins. Their tunnels wind their way through the hills, carving deeper and deeper down into the depths. Recently, however, the Pickclaw goblin tribe has moved into and taken over the area, making prisoners of Clan Runnyeye and their once leaders, the Evil Eyes.


This dungeon is one of the most confusing and twisted of all the dungeons. Travelling through it requires a good sense of direction, because the tunnel weaves and splits at many points throughout its journey. The upper level is fairly straightforward, and inhabited by the lower level goblins of the Citadel, including the occasional goblin worker, and are relatively safe for the lower level adventurer.

Lower down the dungeon becomes even more confusing, as many rooms have multiple intersections with other rooms in the area, making it hard to find your way to a point or away from a particularly nasty critter. Few people travel deep into this dungeon without a strong group backing them up.

The inhabitants of the lower levels also make the area difficult to adventure in. The Pickclaw goblins must spend a great deal of their time training spellcasters among their ranks, since more than half of the monsters that you will encounter deep down are some sort of shaman, with the occasional wizard thrown in. Add this to the fact that they are only rarely found by themselves, more commonly in groups of 3 or 4, make this area that much more dangerous, and practically mandate hunting with a group.

The most dangerous feature of the dungeon is, however, the evil eyes. They are regularly found in the lower levels in various rooms, and can be heard because they make a sick, sticky sound as their eye opens and closes. They are much higher level than the local goblins, as well, so you must keep your eyes peeled when hunting goblins that one of these doesn't appear, because it's a long way to the top. Probably the most dangerous behavior these creatures exhibit, however, is that they will occasionally wander all the way to the top. I believe this happens when they are trained up there from below, but they might well do this on their own. For the lower level characters at the top of the dungeon, they are very lethal. With only one spell, one of them killed my fully healed 10th level ranger as he fled to the exit. If you ever see "Evil eye begins to cast a spell." in your chat window, my advice is to zone and zone fast.


This zone is blessed with an abundance of goblins, which are separated quite well by level between the various levels. The lower level goblins (7th and 8th) live on the upper level and stay there, wandering back and forth, and are usually not in groups so can be solo'ed well. The higher level goblins are in the second level, and usually come in groups. This means that they must be hunted in groups, but are separated into their own rooms and so the pulls are fairly predictable. I've never seen a train in Runnyeye like you would see in Blackburrow or some of the other places.

There are also some neat items that can be found in this dungeon. The throne room area has monsters that possess Blackened Alloy Armor, which adds to stats, depending on the piece that you get, and looks very cool. Blackened Iron and Blackened Alloy Armor are all pretty much random drops off of creatures here (the Blackened Alloy coming off of higher level ones) Also, the evil eyes are a big draw to this area, and the evil eye that spawns the lens for the Staff of the Observer lives in this zone.

Also, there is a bank in Runnyeye. Yes, a bank. You can go there, change in coppers, and go hunting some more, although you have to be at least level 30 so they are non-aggressive to you. Add to that the local merchants, which sell food and other items, and you could stay here for a while. Very cool...

Travelling To and From Runnyeye Citadel

There are two entrances to Runneye, both of which are fairly close to one another. The first entrance from Misty Thicket includes a long, relatively safe, tunnel into the zone. Only very rarely do goblins venture down this path.

Keeping directly to the right will take you quickly to the entrance to the Gorge of King Xorbb, which is readily identifiable by the stakes with the human heads and the large "Keep Out" written in blood on the wall opposite the entrance. This is a very quick escape from trains who may happen to be following you from the second level...

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