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Location Key
1 Orc Camp
2 Rune Stone
3 Protected Stone Ring, surrounded by Unkempt Druids
4 Gypsies with Combine Weapons, Compass, Herbs and Food
5 Inn, Hut with Merchant who sells Gems nearby
6 Hill with Stone Arms reaching to the sky, Bandit Camp on top
7 Haunted Tower with Findlegrob
8 Altar protected by named beetles (Zaza)
9 Lizard Man Camp
10 Temple protected by Troll Shaman and Shadow Knight
11 Camp with Trolls and Ogres, selling Goods, Normal Weapons, and Leather and Small Sewing Kit and Patterns
12 Altar protected by named beetles (Ankh)
13 Inn
14 Orc Camp
15 Paladin Camp
16 Gypsy Camp selling Food
17 Ruined Town
18 Sphinx (Ankhefenmut)
19 Region filled with Hill Giants and Giant Skeletons
20 Sphinx (Zazamoukh)
21 Lizard Man Camp
22 Lizard Man Camp
23 Orc Camp
24 Haunted Stone Ring
25 Haunted Tower with Bindlegrob and Tindlegrob

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