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Location Key
A Exit to Secret Entrance in Newbie Area of North Qeynos
B Exit to Pool between Crow's Nest and Monk Guild in North Qeynos
C Exit to Rogue's Guild in North Qeynos, Pits fall into Area #14
D Exit to Water by Magic Users Guild Halls in South Qeynos
E Exit to Hidden Entrance beneath Grounds of Fate
F Exit to Water near to the Bank
G Exit to Water in the Bay near Docks
1 Spawn Area for Vin Moltor
2 Various NPC's appear here
3 Undead Knight who drops Limestone Ring
4 Bloated Alligator who drops Alligator Egg
5 Injured Rat who drops Alligator Tooth Earring
6 Mercenaries with Shady Mercenary who drops Thick Black Cape
7 Drosco the Zombie and Nesting Rat who drops Golden Locket
8 Temple of Bertoxxulous
8a Enchanter, Magician, and Shadow Knight Trainers, Banker, Merchants selling Spells and Weapons
8b Warrior, Wizard, and Necromancer Trainers, Merchants selling Necromancer Spells and Equipment
8c Shadow Knight and Cleric Trainers
9 Sewer Sentinels
10 Cuburt spawn area
11 Frogloks
12 Injured Brigand
13 Exhausted Guard
14 Shark Pool
15 Smuggler Camps
16 Various NPC's spawn here
17 Thug Camp

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