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Location Key
**Note** The above maps have areas that have been compressed in the east-west direction. Coordinates 5,000 to 7,000 and -2,000 to -4,000 have been compressed.
5 Island inhabited by Aqua Goblins. Temple on hill in middle of island. The Allizewsaur roams this island, spending most of its time on the hill near the temple. Two boats.
6 Island inhabited by Seafury Cyclops (who are placeholders for Tainted/Corrupt Cyclops), a Buccaneer (who is place holder for Wiltin Windwalker), Gornit, Goob Mudtoe, Quag Maelstrom and a camp of less-than friendly pirates (Toko Binlittle and pet, Dixl Drool, Capt. Surestout). Two boats. Ruined stone ring in southeastern corner.
7 Haunted island inhabited by Spectres and Gargoyles who worship at the dark tower. The Sentry spawns here rarely.
8 Island with Boog Mudtoe and Pirate. Also has Temple on north side of hill and old ruined tower on top of hill inhabited by Elesseryl Terrusar who sells spells, mostly summoning spells. Pirate is placeholder for Ancient Cyclops.
9 Island of Isle Goblins and Isle Goblin Headhunter and the Oracle of K'Arnon and his Guardian. Rock in southwestern corner.
10 Island of the Sisters of Erollisi. Dock for boats coming from Antonica. One boat. Stone in northeastern corner. Dwarven smiths on western shore. Inn that sells goods and Kiola Nuts.

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