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Location Key
1 "Left Corner"
2 "Right Corner"
3 "Moat" where multiple random monsters spawn
4 "Captain Room" where Drolvarg Captain who drops Drolvarg Mantle (Common), Cobalt Gauntlets (Uncommon), Jade Mace (Uncommon), Polyphenomenal Axe (Rare), and Lupine Dagger (Very Rare) spawns
5 "Courtyard 1" or "CY1" with Sentry of Sathir who drops Jarsath Scale Helm (Common), Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets (Rare), Bone Amulet of Blade Turning (Rare), and Swarmcaller (Very Rare), Caller of Sathir who drops Kunzar Cloak (Common), Nature's Wrath (? Rarity), Cobalt Boots (Rare) and Sionachie's Partisan (Very Rare), and Skeletal Berserker who drops Jarsath Scale Chestplate (Common), Band of Eternal Flame (? Rarity), Deathbringer's Rod (Very Rare), and Jaundiced Bone Gauntlets (? Rarity) spawn
6 "Courtyard 2" or "CY2" with same spawns as CY1
7 "Towers" where Skeletal Captain who drops Sarnak-Hide Mask (Common), Tolan's Darkwood Gauntlets (Uncommon), Soul Binder (Very Rare) and ? Fist of Zek spawns
8 "Warlord Room" where Drolvarg Warlord who drops Supple Scale Armband (Common), Harmonic Dagger (Rare), Noctivagant Blade (Rare), and Donal's Boots of Mourning (Very Rare), Drolvarg Bodyguard, Pawduster who drops Pipe of Zan Fi, and Wulfwere Bodyguard spawn
9 Rooms where Skeletal Berserker (for drops see CY1 above) and Skeletal Warlord who drops Jarsath Scale Wrist Guards (Common), Deepwater Boots (Rare), Dwarven Sap (Rare), and Tranquil Staff (Very Rare) spawn
10 "Hand Room" where Construct, Construct of Sathir who drops Helm of Rile (Common), Polished Obsidian Great Axe (? Rarity), Blood Ember Gauntlets (Rare), Fang Amulet of Calling (Very Rare), Cursed Hand who drops Donal's Gauntlets of Mourning (Rare), and Hangnail who drops Elder Spiritist's Gauntlets (Common) spawn
11 "Jail Cell" where Skeletal Warlord (for drops see area 9 above) and Undead Jailer who drops Jarsath Scale Leggings (Common), Mrylokar's Boots (Rare), and Baton of Faith (Very Rare) spawn
12 "Box Room"

13 "Prep Room" Multi-levelled room with multiple passages taking off here, colored numbers correspond to what level they take off on, also Venril Sathir Remains spawn

14 Venril Sathir's Room where Venril Sathir spawns who drops all Class-Specific Leg Armor (i.e.Blood Ember Greaves, Cobalt Greaves, Deepwater Greaves, Donal's Leggings of Mourning, Elder Spiritist's Greaves, Jaundiced Bone Greaves, Mrylokar's Greaves, Singing Steel Greaves, Tolan's Darkwood Greaves), Ancient Shissar Gauntlets, Diamond Encrusted Staff, Gnarled Staff, Lycanthropic Staff, Shissar Guardian Staff, and Shissar Nullifier Staff
Note that Red #s above correspond to the level of area 13 that the hallway takes off from

Note that letters lead to the corresponding areas on the map above

C leads to area C on the Catacombs map

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