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Location Key
1 Grizznot's Cave with Grizznot who drops Cloak of the Cave Bear
2 Coldain Outcasts selling Coldain Velium Weapons, Armor and Lantern Molds, Jeweler's Kit and Gems
3 Underwater tunnel with Glucose
4 Dain's Bedroom with Dain Frostweaver IV (at night)
5 Trophy Room with Grand Huntsman Darral and Royal Armorer Slade
6 Throne with Dain Frostweaver IV, Seneschal Aldikar, and Chamberlain Krystorf (during day)
7 Library with Royal Scribe Kaavin
8 The Pit
9 Councillor Gallery
10 Seneschal Aldikar's Bedroom with Seneschal Aldikar (at night)
11 Barracks
12 Meeting Hall with Sentry Ellison
13 Hall of Ancestors with Loremaster Solstrin

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