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Location Key
1 Merchant selling Food, Water, Cookbooks, and Mixing Bowl
2 Merchants selling Bags and Boxes
3 Merchants selling Weapons, Medium Plate and Chain Armor, Oven and Forge outside
4 Tunnel inside that leads to west side of the bay
5 Merchants selling Bard Songs, Alcohol, Brewing Supplies and Brew Barrel
6 Merchant selling Monk Weapons
7 Merchant selling Unfinished Bard Instruments
8 Ranger Trainer, Merchants selling All Bow and Arrow Fletching Supplies, High Level Ranger Spells
9 Bank
10 Merchant selling Medium Leather Armor
11 Underwater Tunnel that opens at area 19, also Warrior Trainer
12 Enchanter, Wizard, and Magician Trainers, Merchants selling Enchanter, Wizard, and Magician Spells
13 Merchants selling Most Jewelry Supplies
14 Rogue Trainer, Merchant selling Poison Supplies
15 Merchants selling Large and Small Sewing Kits and Patterns
16 Merchants selling Magic Stones, Potions, High Level Druid Spells
17 Paladin Trainer, Merchant selling Cleric and Paladin Spells
18 Merchants selling Fishing Supplies, Bows and Arrows, Alchemy Supplies, Bags, and High Level Shaman Spells
19 Underwater Tunnel that opens to area 11, Soulbinder
20 Boat to Butcherblock Mountains
21 Beastlord Trainer

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