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Location Key
1 Lizard Man Camp
2 Innkeeper Thug selling Food and Miscellaneous Items
3 Merchants with Bowyer Book and Materials and Blacksmithing Books and Molds
4 Half Moon shaped Altar
5 Merchant with Cooking Supplies
6 Merchant with Large Sewing Kit and Tailoring Supplies
7 Druid Ring surrounded by Spiders
8 Roror (Lizard Man Shaman, High Priest of Cazic-Thule), will speak to good races, appears around this area
9 Spectres and Hidden Lair of Cyndreela, also Annaelia Wylassi
10 Camp with Eleann Morkul, Aqaar Aluram and Spanner Scrapsnatcher
11 Obelisk with a Silvered Tae Ew Observer who drops Silver Wand (uncommon) and Radiant who drops Radiant Gloves (uncommon)
12 Temple with Tae Ew Cenobite who drops Lizard Blood Potion (common), Ravenscale Boots (rare)
13 Temple with Tae Ew Templar who drops Lizardscale Cloak (common), Ravenscale Legs (rare)
14 Temple with Tae Ew Archon who drops Lizardscale Belt (common), Ravenscale Arms (rare)
15 Temple with Tae Ew Diviner who drops Lizardscale Mantle (common), Ravenscale Bracer (rare)
16 Island Region of Ruined Temples to Cazic-Thule inhabited by Tae Ew, has entrance to the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Silverflank Gorillas spawn at top of ramp and drop Lizardskin Tribal Mask (common) and Ravenscale Chestguard (rare), Ravenscale Coif (rare) and Ravenscale Gloves (rare). Also Tae Ew Crusaders who drop various pieces of Decayed armor (common)

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