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Location Key
1 Necromancer Trainer
2 Wizard, Necromancer, Magician, and Enchanter Trainers, Bank
3 Shadow Knight Trainer, Rogue Trainer, Warrior Trainer, Fordel weapons
4a Various Spellcaster Supplies, Shadowknight spells
b Cleric Trainer, Necromancer spells, Stews and Meats
c Gems
d Food and Goods
e empty
f Poison Supplies
g Jewelry Supplies
h Alcohol
5 Lilypad Room - Bogling Cultists and The Great Saprophyte
6 Needlite Hive with Needlite Queen
7 Mutant Area
8 Taskmaster Torkazh and Slaves, Xilniov
9 Gnome Kings
10 Tinkering Supplies
11 The Elevator
12 One way drop in from Shadow Haven water near Paludal zone


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