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Location: Southern Coast of Velious

Cobalt Scar

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Adjacent Zones: Skyshrine, Siren's Grotto
Level of Monsters: 35-60
Types of Monsters: Othmir Pup, Othmir Shaman, Othmir Warrior, Cobalt Drake, Wyvern, Bulthar, Shark, Coldwater Barracuda, Shellfish Collector, Haunted Seachest, Outcast Siren, Siren Enticer, Siren Seductress, Siren Enchantress, Cobalt Trigger
Notable NPC's: Azureake, Bloogy Shellcracker, Bungre Crawcrusher, Chief Kalan, Bulthar Herdleader, Kelorek'Dar, Qarrgy Scallopgobbler, Yvolcarn
Unique Items: Bioluminescent Orb, Blackened Sword of Failure, Cloak of Crystalline Waters, Emerald Dragonscale Tunic, Griffin Sword, Kelorek'Dar Spine Razor, Othmir Chieftain Spear, Typhoon, Sword of the Tidal Wave
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor

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Text last updated: 09/01/01 by Danalog
Map last updated: 10/22/01


Cobalt Scar is named after the Scars of Veeshan, where Veeshan itself rent the earth on the continent of Velious. Since that time, it has filled with water, and now stands as a lethal harbor for any who venture nearby. Sirens lure ships to the rocks to shatter and sink, and wyverns and drakes guard the entrance to their city, Skyshrine.


The largest danger to most people venturing within Cobalt Scar are the wyverns and cobalt drakes that can be found all along the top of the ridge. These are on Claws of Veeshan faction, and so if you can safely travel through Skyshrine you can travel through here. The risk is that if you are not safe in Skyshrine you can be hit by the large and lethal breath weapon of the cobalt drakes as they attack someone else, even if invisible. The exit back to Skyshrine is also surrounded by drakes and wyverns, and it is very hard to reach it without being attacked if they don't like you.

The sirens are the next most lethal creatures in the zone. All of them are enchanters and many are difficult to spot, lingering on underwater rocks or swimming near their cove. Since they are powerful casters, they are especially dangerous. Since they are enchanters, they can charm you, and hit you with magic-based direct damage spells.

There is also a Bulthar camp underneath the tower leading to Skyshrine. Bulthar have a very large aggro radius, but do not see through invisible.

Lastly, there is a true dragon that is occasionally found in the water swimming about. He is dangerous for obvious reasons, and water travel is not very safe.


The Othmir here generally like anyone, and have merchants as well as give out quests. Some of the quests that they give are quite good. They used to act as guards when fighting the cobalt drakes, but they no longer do so.

Hunting the drakes and wyverns also has an additional benefit in terms of faction. Your standing with them is based on your standing in Skyshrine (Skyshrine faction) but killing them does not decrease your Skyshrine faction at all. Therefore, if you are liked in Skyshrine, hunting here will not screw that up (and actually all the wyverns and drakes will like you). The named ones, however, will give you faction hits if you fight them.

This zone is also quite open, and is therefore a good place to fight creatures solo, including the drakes, wyverns, and any of the sea creatures. Loot here is also quite good, and gems needed for Velious armor quests drop frequently here.

Travelling To and From Cobalt Scar

Entrance to Cobalt Scar must initially be gained by travelling through Skyshrine. A Shrine Key is required to use the teleporter from the dragon city to the tower here. Once you obtain the key from the dragon portal, however, you can also teleport here.

The entrance to Siren's Grotto is underwater. If you travel to the northwest corner of the Scar along the cliff face, you can see the opening under the water there.

To return to Skyshrine, you only need to touch the statue located at the top of the tower surrounded by wyverns. Returning to Skyshrine requires no key.

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